Why Pay For a Babywearing Consultation?

We’ve all heard of antenatal classes. Many of us will have tried various different workshops or courses to support our journey to parenthood.  From hypnobirthing and breastfeeding, to baby yoga and sign language… there’s an ever-increasing number of ways we can get help and information. 

But it still comes as a surprise to many that we offer consultations and workshops for baby carrying… what are they all about?  Why pay for a carrying consultation?


1. Easily find the best sling or baby carrier for you

Carriers are not all equal, and there are so many options out there to choose from!  During a consultation we’ll be able to assess your baby’s size, shape and stage to find the most suitable option for them now.  We’ll also take into account your own individual shapes and lifestyle to make sure that we only recommend products that will offer you the best in convenience and comfort. 

You won’t need to try all of the carriers; what’s best for you isn’t that same as for everyone else.  Our Carrying consultants are like your personal shopper and stylist; you’ll be offered a professionally picked selection of suitable options and you just need to see which one(s) feel best for you.


“We had a really great consultation with Hannah, whose warmth and expertise was second to none. She gave us sound advice on which carrier would suit our needs and showed us how to use each one. It was such a worthwhile session as I feel much more confident in how to wear my baby safely and comfortably. Would definitely recommend a consultation at Wear My Baby if you’re looking for quality advice and practical support in finding a sling.” Ashley, Wear My Baby client


2. You’ll learn how to carry safely and comfortably

There’s more to carrying a baby than simply “support the head”, which is all many of us get in the way of advice!  Just like you’d never expect to ride off on a bicycle without having learnt how to correctly balance it, most people find that they get the most out of their carrier when they’ve had a proper lesson in how to use it.

Our expert Consultants have all the experience you’ll need to understand how to carry your baby in the safest and most supportive way.  Our advice is always tailored to you so we can tweak our methods to suit what you find easiest, and we’ll be able to pinpoint how you could improve your baby’s positioning to make sure everyone’s as safe and comfy as possible.


I booked a 1-1 with Tammy as I had tried a few different carriers but wasn’t sold on any of them. Having a baby that likes to be carried everywhere I was keen to find a solution. Tammy is warm, welcoming and incredibly patient (I had a very cranky baby on our first visit!) She is also very knowledgeable and full of ideas. With her help I was able to find a carrier which is comfortable and suits us both. She went above and beyond to help us, I can highly recommend! Sophie, Wear My Baby client


3. You get the best fit

When a carrier fits you and your baby then it’ll be more comfortable, easier to use and often safer than a carrier that doesn’t.  Our experienced team have seen thousands of babies and parents of all shapes and sizes and will be able to recommend those options that have the best chance of being the most comfortable for you.


“Very knowledgeable and extraordinarily helpful. She helped us narrow down to two different carriers, based on what we were after. We hired one for a week, loved it, then bought it! The best service I’ve had in a long, long time…” Alison, Wear My Baby client


4. Teaching time, focused on you

Our consultations give you the time to practice techniques or try new things with the support and guidance of an expert so that you leave confident in your new skills.

Like other sling libraries around the country, our drop in sessions can be hectic, with lots of families needing support. (Do remember that not all sling libraries in the UK are run by trained or insured babywearing consultants.)  If you book a consultation you’ll get one-to-one help from our trained, insured and highly experienced  team of Babywearing Consultants. 

At a consultation, you’ll get focused teaching time from your Wear My Baby consultant. We won’t just adjust your carrier for you; we’ll teach you new skills to take away, so you can practice and perfect your babywearing technique. If you have never used any slings or carriers before;  if  you or your baby have any special health or mobility considerations; if you’d like to learn how to get your baby on your back; or if you want to learn how to use woven wraps, then be sure to book a consultation with us. 


“Booked an appointment as my baby cried whenever I tried him in his carrier. The consultation was so, so helpful: the ladies suggested adjustments to the settings and talked us through wearing it and it all worked beautifully! We have since done outings with no pram as our baby is now so happy in his carrier. Very professional and personable approach, including answering all questions and concerns we had. Really glad I found these guys.” Tanya, Wear My Baby Client


5. You save money in the long run

Trust us, we’ve bought carriers that others raved about, only to find that they were disappointing, complicated or even painful to use.  We see so many people come to us with existing carriers that just aren’t working for them. Paying for a professional fitting before you buy means that you can be sure that a product is right for you from the beginning. 

A lesson in how to use your existing carrier is also a great way to save money as you may find that you don’t need a new one after all.  We can make sure you’re using it properly or teaching you how to use it in a way that better suits your needs.  Sometimes it just takes a few tweaks or practicing a new position make a previously uncomfortable or unsuitable carrier turn into the perfect sling for your needs.  We’ll be able to advise on how long your existing carrier will realistically last you, and what to consider trying for the next stage.


“Rebecca is super knowledgable and understanding. I wouldn’t dream of investing in a carrier without knowing all my options to find exactly what’s best for me and my baby. I’ve come away hiring a carrier and now get to try it for a month. I’ve had a follow up email with handy videos and instructions on how to use it. I’d be happy contacting Rebecca with any concerns I have and I’m confident I’ll find the right product for us!” Chris, Wear My Baby client


Book a Wear My Baby Consultation today! We cover Central, West and South London, Surrey, Berkshire, East Kent, North Herts and the surrounding areas. Contact the team at info@wearmybaby.co.uk or find your nearest Consultant here.

Prices range from £30 to £60 for 1.5 hours, depending on the Consultant’s level of experience. Home visits may be arranged at an additional cost, depending on your location.

If you just need help making your current baby carrier more safe & comfortable, book in for a 30 mini Mini Consultation with your nearest Consultant. Prices range from £10 to £30, depending on the Consultant’s level of experience and location.


Emily Rising

Emily Rising

Emily Rising is a Lead Consultant and Strategic Advisor at Wear My Baby. She is the creator of the Izmi Baby brand, creator of the South London Sling Library and was one of the first babywearing educators in the UK.

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