Which Baby Carrier Should I Move On To?

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Outgrowing your stretchy wrap?
BabyBjorn carrier starting to pull on your shoulders?
Is your baby getting too big or too wiggly for your newborn carrier?
Does your nosey baby wants to turn round and see the world?
Is your back starting to hurt?

If you’re baffled by which baby carrier to move on to, fear not! My team and I have worked with over 20,000 families over the last 15 years: we really are the experts. You can scroll down now to see our recommendations for 2022’s best carriers for babies aged 3 months+. But first, some important things for you to consider.

Baby carriers are like jeans or shoes: Different ones suit different people

There’s no such thing as the ‘best’ sling or baby carrier. That’s why we stock such a huge range. It’s about a good fit (and personal preference). Ensuring your sling is fitted safely and comfortably is paramount: How well your sling is adjusted and fitted is just as important as which baby carrier you buy. That’s why we offer a FREE video fitting service with every purchase.

Get expert advice (before you panic buy Yet Another Carrier That Doesn’t Work For You on Amazon at 3am)

If you’d like personalised advice for you and your family, be sure to book a Video Consultation with our expert team, available 7 days a week (£15/30mins). We will save you time, money, and physiotherapy bills! We can advise on how to fit your existing baby carrier or sling more comfortably; and recommend and demonstrate other slings that will suit your family, based on your body shape and your family’s needs.

You can also test drive any of our carriers with our sling hire service. And make sure you’re following us on Instagram and YouTube for regular tutorials and demonstrations.

Your body shape REALLY matters. A lot.

Which carrier will suit you depends far more on YOUR body shape than your baby’s. Even if you have a ‘big’ or ‘small’ for-their-age 5-month-old, there’s not a vast difference as far as sling fitting is concerned. Mums, on the other hand, vary hugely. Dads are a little more straightforward as their torsos tend to be wider and flatter, with fewer contours. With mums, we’re choosing and fitting a carrier around your height, breasts, waist, hips, etc.

My team and I can basically look you up and down and tell you which carriers are likely to suit you perfectly. If we’re not seeing you, we can send you some questions about your body shape instead.

We have over a hundred carriers that could work for you. But what are our top recommended carriers that GENUINELY suit the widest range of body shapes?

Want the option to carry your baby facing out?

Babies never ‘have’ to face out in a carrier, but a lot of parents like to have this as an option.

Hands down the most supportive outwards-facing baby carriers on the market are (1) the Ergobaby Omni range (the Omni 360, Omni Breeze, Omni Dream and Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh are all very similar, especially if you’re carrying a 3 month to 2yr old) and (2) the Tula Explore. Both have bucket-shaped seats that will support your baby in an ergonomic position: ie. optimal for their developing body and kinder to your back.

The Ergobaby Omni range of carriers has a slightly more contoured waistband and a great variety of ways to do up the shoulder straps, compared to the Tula Explore. This makes it more likely to fit you BRILLIANTLY if you’re buying online without trying it first. They’re our all-time bestsellers for a reason.

The runners up in this category are the Beco Gemini Cool and the BabyBjorn Harmony (this is the Best of all the BabyBjorn carriers) but (a) the world-facing position in these carriers aren’t quite as ergonomic (baby’s legs tend to dangle a little) and (b) babies outgrow them sooner (by around 12-18 months max). But they still both great carriers.

You can carry your baby facing out from 4 months until 10-12 months. After that point, they’ll feel super heavy as their increasing weight pulls away from you. You can then continue to carrying them facing you, often with their arms out, or on your back. You can read more about outward-facing carrying here.

These GREAT outwards facing carriers) are fine for back carrying too. But others ‘do’ back carrying better. It’s therefore worth thinking which you’re likely to do more of – outwards facing or back carrying – to help you choose your carrier. Many people will get an Ergobaby Omni, then later move on to a brilliant back carrier.

Want a brilliant all-rounder (and not bothered about the facing out position)?

The Manduca XT is one of the Best And Most Universal Front and Back Carriers of All Time. There. I said it. Virtually everyone who tries it LOVES it. It’s a hugely popular German brand, just not so well known in the UK. But believe me, it’s exceptionally well designed and it just fits almost everybody (mums from size UK 6/8 to 22/24). Low-faff, loved by mums and dads: it’s great.

Similarly awesome is the Lenny Lamb Upgrade Carrier (more on this below).

Looking for luxury that won’t cost the earth?

The Lenny Lamb Upgrade carrier is simply one of the most luxurious, supportive, and beautiful carriers around. Love the look of the (massively overpriced) Artipoppe baby carrier? Get yourself a Lenny Lamb Upgrade instead: the quality is just as good, it will last you longer, has loads more clever features – and you’ll save hundreds of pounds! In terms of fit and function it’s very, very similar to the Manduca XT. And it makes a brilliant front and back carrier.

Made in-house by the Lenny Lamb team in Poland, these really should be twice the price, they’re THAT good. We have a huge range of colours and designs available so the tricky bit is choosing one!! We’ve tested them on mums from size 6 to size 24 and they work superbly (and on Dads too!).

They’re wonderfully supportive without being stiff or rigid. So they’re ideal if you’ve enjoyed the soft, snuggliness of your newborn wrap or sling. Like the Manduca XT, it’s another top choice for pretty much everyone – so long as you’re not bothered about having the option for outwards-facing.

Keen to carry your baby or toddler on your back (as well as your front)?

Once your baby is around 6 months old, you can start carrying them on your back. Back carrying is more fun from around 12 months, once they can see over your shoulders. Most parents find a ‘high’ back carrier more comfy. But this can be a little tricky to acheive in an Ergobaby, Babybjorn or other high-street carriers, especially on petite to average size mums.

The best back carriers tend to be those with special adjusters (PFAs/Perfect Fit Adjusters, if you want to get geeky like me) that allow you to shorten the shoulder straps, giving a higher and tighter back carry. These are especially important for petite mums. Our top-rated back carriers that have these adjusters – and which you can still use on your front from 3-4 months+ – are the Manduca XT, Lenny Lamb Upgrade, Cococho (a back carrier you can use from 4 months), Isara The One and the Tula Free To Grow.

A quick word about hiking backpacks and the MiniMeis

I find that those big framed, hiking backpack or shoulder carriers that you’ll find at outdoor stores – or the MiniMeis G4 which you’ve seen all over your social media – tend not to offer the versatility, support and practicality that many families need. 

Framed carriers won’t always give the most supportive comfortable fit, particularly for smaller-framed parents.  And if you’re average height or shorter, the weight of the carrier itself and the high seating position for your child can make you feel off-balanced – potentially VERY off-balance with the Minimeis shoulder carrier (though it can be great fun for your baby for about 10mins!).

Yes, if you’re into *actual* hiking up *actual* mountains, this style of carrier can be great, and your baby will be perched up high with a great view.  But think walking boots verses trainers – for most families, for holidays and for day to day use – and for the versatility of offering different carrying positions – our advice is to go for a less bulky and more adjustable carrier like our favourites above. 


Looking for something lightweight that you can keep in your bag/under your buggy?

If you’re looking for something ultra-compact to keep under the buggy just-in-case then check out the new Tula Lite and the much-loved Integra. Less functions and adjustability, these nifty little carriers will take you from 3-4 months up until around 15-18 months.

Want a sling for quick up-and-downs?

Ring slings are long pieces of fabric with two rings sewn into one end, making a sash-shaped sling that is worn over one shoulder. They are highly adjustable to fit newborns to toddlers. They are a particularly nice baby carrier for breastfeeding, simply by loosening the rings slightly and moving your baby into position.

As your baby’s weight is distributed asymmetrically over your body, ring slings tend to be worn for shorter periods of time compared to other carriers. We love rings slings for quick trips, breastfeeding in, wearing at home and  – as they are very pretty – special occasions like weddings.

As ring slings can take some practice, some people prefer to opt for a Minimonkey Mini Sling. It’s a super-compact mesh baby carrier, suitable from newborn to toddler, which is incredibly easy to adjust. Perfect for around the house and for quick trips.

Would you like the option to carry them for as long as possible?

Want a mega long-lasting carrier? Or one that you can use for your 3 month old AND your 3-and-a-half year old? Make sure you check out the Isara The One. The Manduca XT will last you until at least 3 years, too.

Tie-on carriers can be the comfiest (and not as tricky or hippy as you might expect)

Love the feel of your stretchy wrap but don’t want to spend the time or energy learning how to use a woven wrap? Get the best of both world with a tie-on half-buckle carrier like the Lenny Lamb Hybrid and Didymos didyKlick half-buckle carriers. All the mouldable comfort of a woven wrap – without the wrapping!

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