What’s the best carrier: Ergobaby or BabyBjorn?

What’s the best baby carrier? BabyBjorn and Ergobaby are the two biggest baby carrier brands. They’re well-known and trusted brands – and have huge marketing budgets, which is they’re they’ll appear at the top of your online searches. So which one should you buy?

BabyBjorn and Ergobaby make a number of different carriers and keep bringing out new versions, which often look nearly identical. From the outside, most of them claim to offer the same features and benefits. So it can be difficult to work out which will be the best option for your family.

So which is the best? And how do you choose?

Here’s what you REALLY need to know about Ergobaby and BabyBjorn carriers: what they claim to do, how long they’ll actually last, and which is right for you – based on testing by my expert team and I, and the tens of thousands of families we’ve worked with.

What’s better, Ergobaby or BabyBjorn Baby Carrier?

Overall, my top recommendation for 2022 is the Ergobaby Omni Breeze. It suits just about every Mum and Dad and can be used from your baby’s first day and lasts until 2yrs. All BabyBjorn and Ergobaby carriers have pro’s and con’s, so read on for my detailed comparison.

Ergobaby Omni 360 and BabyBjorn Carrier One: The Similarities

The BabyBjorn Carrier One and the Ergobaby Omni 360 are aiming to appeal to the same customers (dads and mums) and so have many features in common. They are both very padded and structured; both offer the same carrying positions (front parent-facing, front outwards-facing and – in theory – back carrying) and are comfortable to use beyond the first few months. They both have adjustments designed to offer healthy hip support as your baby grows.

Both are great for walks and using when out and about, or even for babywearing exercise classes. Whilst, in theory, you certainly can use them at home, they’re pretty bulky and padded. So most parents also get a soft sling or wrap or a lightweight carrier like the Izmi Baby carrier for their newborns, alongside their BabyBjorn or Ergobaby. Much comfier for relaxing in at home.

What They Don’t Tell You!

Features, fit and weight ranges often do not work as advertised. Weight ranges are especially misleading; 35lb is the weight of an average 4 year old; 45lb is an average 6 year old! Neither of these carriers are practical or comfortable to use up to their maximum weight limit.

With structured carriers like these, your comfort all comes down to how the carrier fits you, and how easy you find it to put on and adjust. From years of experience, the Ergobaby Omni range of carriers – that includes the all-very-similar Omni 360, the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh, the Omni Breeze and the Omni Dream – are the most popular, comfiest, and are equally loved by both Mums and Dads.

The BabyBjorn Carrier One – and the new, improved, softer version, called the Babybjorn Harmony, tend to fit most Dads superbly, but only some mums. That’s because BabyBjorns all have an internal harness that sits between your body and your baby. This harness makes them easy to put on, and great for more nervous parents who are reassured by the highly engineered look and feel of the carrier. But these internal straps can put pressure on mum’s breasts, can be difficult to adjust for shorter/ more petite torsos, and means the carrier doesn’t always fit so comfortably around mums breasts, waists and curves.

Remember : These two are the biggest names but they’re not the only carriers in town! Do check out my buying guide to the best baby carrier for your family.

What’s really important when Choosing Between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and the BabyBjorn Carrier One.

You want your carrier to really do what you’ve bought it to do. Does it need to adjust between different shapes and sizes of adult? Which carrying positions do you REALLY want to use? And how do the advertised features line up side by side.

Here’s our comparison of the two carriers, based on our expert and customer reviews.

ergobaby omni 360 cool air mesh uk free delivery
Baby Carrier One, Dark Grey, Cotton babybjorn uk free delivery discount code
Brand and ModelErgobaby Omni CarriersBabyBjorn Carrier One and Harmony
Manufacturers Weight Limits & Age Guide3.2kg – 20kg (7lbs – 45 lbs) / 0-4years3.5 – 15kg (8 – 33lbs) / 0-4years
Realistic Age GuideOmni 360 and Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh are ideal from approx 8-9lbs. Best from 2-4 weeks until 24 months.
Omni Breeze and Omni Dream are ideal from 7lbs/ day one, and last until 24 months.

Highly adjustable, bucket-shaped body panel make this is long-lasting carrier.
Ideal from approx 8-9lbs. Best from 2-4 weeks until 12 months.

‘Shallow’ body panel means it’s very hard to fit to a toddler, unless they are very slim.
Fit For ParentsGood for mums and dads of most shapes and sizes. Petite mums should opt for the Breeze as its the least bulky.Excellent fit for many dads. Good for taller or more athletic builds. Not such a good fit for very petite mums, due to the bulkiness and straps length; or bigger breasted mums, who may find the internal hardness uncomfortable.
Carrying Positions4 Positions: Front facing in (from newborn), Front Facing out (4-10months), Hip*, Back (6months+).

Hip carrying isn’t a comfy option for most.

The most comfortable outwards facing position of any carrier, thanks to it’s bucket-shaped body panel.
3 Positions: Front facing in (from newborn), Front Facing out (from 4-10 months) Back (6months+).

Back carrying option isn’t easy to do and your baby likely to sit very low on your back.
Can you Breasteed in it?YesNo
Separate Newborn Insert Needed?No; whole carrier is size adjustableNo; has integrated newborn insert
Fabric & Colour OptionsWide range of colours. Cool Air mesh and Breeze versions available with same features and functions as cotton versions.Small range of colours. Cool Air mesh version available with same features and functions as cotton version.
Ease of UseFewer buckles so quick to put on and take off; easier to get baby onto your back; Easier to adjust between different users.Can put carrier on before picking up baby; easy to pop baby in and out without taking off the harness; good if you’re nervous about using carriers.
Price£164.90 (Omni 360, Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh), to £174.90 (Omni Breeze, Omni Dream)From £159.90 (Cotton)/ £169.95 (Air)/£190 (Harmony)
Comfort for ParentAdditional lumbar support; firm padding; the most adjustable straps, with 2 configurations for front carries to fit a wide range of adults; the most comfortable front facing position.Padding to shoulders and hips; back support; one method of fastening that may not suit everyone; fits taller and less curvy parents more comfortably than petite or shapely ones.
Support For BabyEasy to get a safe, snug fit for a wider range of babies; multiple head support options; better range of ergonomic support for healthy hip positioning.Range of fit for different babies is more limited; does have padding for baby’s back and head support; feautures and adjustable head rest; does not always offer ideal hip positioning.
Nice To Have Detachable waistband pouch for storing your keys and phone; fold-away sleep shade/hood.

The Bottom Line

The Ergobaby Omni carriers, especially the Breeze, is a really excellent carrier, performing well in all areas. It has the greatest longevity and the most ergonomic front facing position for both baby and parent. Plus it’s got some little handy extras. With multiple strap configurations it’s more adjustable, suits a wide range of adults so it’s a great option if you’re swapping your carrier between two parents. It’s our most popular carrier for these reasons!


The BabyBjorn One and the BabyBjorn Harmony are very easy for many parents to use without any extra help, so it’s great for nervous carrier users or if you don’t carry very often.It’s less adjustable and so offers fewer ergonomic carrying positions and isn’t as practical if sharing between both parents. This is a good option to consider for dads who mostly carry at the weekends. If you prefer a more streamlined look then the Baby Bjorn One may catch your attention.

More carrying options are here:

Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace

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