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Wear My Baby has supported many parents and expectant parents of twins and multiples to carry their babies. Often parents of twins are happy to carry one each most of the time, or carry one and have the other in a buggy. But many parents LOVE having the option to carry both at once – especially when they are very small. We’ve tried lots of twin carrying options, so here are our top twin baby carrier choices.

Remember: carrying two babies  – or just one baby!  – can take some practice. It’s always best to get some expert safety and carrying advice and try before you buy, to make sure you choose the best carrying option for your family.




The TwinGo tops our list of purpose-designed buckled twin baby carriers.

It has the same design principles as most buckled carriers like the Ergobaby and Tula etc.  The big advantage of the TwinGo over two separate baby carriers is that you only have one set of shoulder straps. You essentially have one carrier, worn on your back, with a second body panel (with it’s own removable shoulder straps) that neatly clips onto the front. This makes carrying two babies or toddlers MUCH less cumbersome.

It can also be worn as two entirely separate carriers. Genius. It’s easier to get on and off than you might imagine, though of course a little practice and guidance may be needed.

One baby will need to have good, consistent head control and be able to sit up with minimal assistance (around 4-6 months) before they can go on your back. Until then you can use the TwinGo is used as 2 separate front carriers (or use a stretchy wrap to carry two on your front – see below) You can wear babies on your front in the carrier from 10lbs upwards, or as little at 7lbs using the infant insert. The TwinGo has an upper weight limit of 40lb (18kg) if you’re wearing one baby, or a combined weight limit of 70lb (32kg) when used as a tandem carrier.

The body panels have generous zipped pockets, easily big enough to store you keys, phone, wallet, baby wipes and a few nappies! Each half of the baby carrier folds in on itself like a pack-a-mac, leaving you with two neat little packages that can easily fit in a bag or under a buggy. At £185 this twin baby carrier is significantly cheaper than two top of the range buckles carriers. It’s ideal for twins but works really well for little ones of different ages, too.

The Mini Monkey Twin Carrier is new for 2018, and the Wear My Baby team has just received our tester. Ideal for carrying one baby on each hip, it works as two connected, adjustable pouches, tightened and secured with buckles. It’s billed as suitable from newborn to 12kg (26lbs) each, but is likely to best suit babies from couple of months old to 8-9 months. Full review coming soon!

The Weego Twin carrier is another purpose-designed twin baby carrier worth noting. This is suitable from newborn, and generally used until around 3-6 months. However, it cannot be used for back carrying and we tend to find it harder to get a comfy, safe ergonomically supportive fit for smaller babies. The Twingaroo is closer in design to the TwinGo but can’t be easily worn as 2 separate carriers without purchasing an additional strap conversion kit, so offers less flexibility than the TwinGo & isn’t ideal for babies under around 5-6 months.

twingo ukMain image - TwinGo Twin Carrier




Another option for twin parents is wearing two regular buckled ‘soft structured’ carriers, one front and on back.

As an alternative to a single twin baby carrier, some twin parents do wear two Ergobaby carriers, two Tulas, two Manducas and so on. If you’ve already got a couple to hand then give it a whirl! It will likely feel very cumbersome with four padded shoulder straps and two passed waistbands, but it’s not impossible.

If you’re in the market for two carriers that will do a similar job to the TwinGo, using two Connecta baby carriers  or 2 Izmi baby carriers can work particularly well. With minimal padding on the shoulders and none at all on the waistband, this combination offers a less bulky (and sweaty) ride than most double-up alternatives.

If you’d like to carry two newborns on your front, we love using stretchy wraps  and woven wraps (see below).


twin baby carrierIzmi - extra 1




Our top choice: The JMPBB Original

A stretchy wrap is an ideal way to carry two newborn twins, even premature and low birth weight babies.

Don’t be put off by the generous size of the fabric wrap; with a bit of practice they really are easy to use. One of their best features is the ability to pre-tie them around you, so you can simply pop your babies in and out, whether you’re at home or getting in and our of the car.

JPMBB’s ‘The Original’ wrap comes top of our tried-and-test list. These wraps are high quality, 2-way stretchy wraps: soft, very easy and forgiving to use, but also very strong, slightly wider than most, and very supportive. The Boba Wrap are Lifft stretchy wraps are superb 2-way stretchy wraps that many of our parents enjoy carrying twins in. One-way stretchy wraps like the popular Moby can also be a nicely supportive option as they have rather less ‘give,’ though can require at first a little more technique to get an ideal fit.

The one standard size will fit all wearers and can be used to carry one or two babies on your front.  Stretchy wraps are safety-tested to withstand even a toddlers’ weight, but  tend to be used mostly for the early months. Many parents find they can carry twins in one stretchy wrap until they are anywhere from  2 – 5 months, depending very much on their babies’ size and development; the JPMBB Original tends to last longer than most given it’s unique fabric.

Some twin parents who have thinner and more lightweight wraps (such as the Hana Baby Organic) do wear 2 stretchy wraps at the same time, with 1 twin in each; though this quite a toasty warm option for the wearer!)

Here is one of our favourite instructional videos for carrying twins in a stretchy wrap.


twin baby carrier babywearing twins




Our top choice (for beginners): Didymos DoubleFace long woven wraps

If you like the idea of soft fabric and want a truly versatile carrying option for carrying one or two babies, then a woven wrap is a brilliant option. Two babies on your front, one of each hip, one on front and one on your back… so many possibilities!

It will take some practice to learn how to tie woven wrap well and quickly, but the slightly steeper learning curve (than, say, a buckled carrier) is well worth the effort!

A tandem Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is a great first ‘carry’ (way of tying a wrap) for newborns, whether carrying one or two babies – and we do recommend practicing with one baby first, until you’re  feeling confident. Amanda’s Tandem Hip Carry is a great carry for babies with increasing head control (usually 2-5 months+).  Tandem Trouble is a superb YouTube channel for twin wrapping tutorials, using one or two woven wraps at a time.

Woven wraps come in varying lengths (size 2 to size 8) to accommodated different tying methods (‘carries’) on the front, back or hip.  Most people find a size 7 a good size to learn to wrap twins to begin with, with taller or broader wearers preferring a size 8+.

Our Didymos DoubleFace  long woven wraps have contrasting colours on either side, making them ideal for those new to wrapping, and don’t require any breaking in. But there are a vast number of woven wrap brands and designs to explore.

Here are a few options, demonstrated by some experienced twin-wrapping parents, to inspire you:





Vija Kangaroo care tops/ t-shirts for twins: Not a sling, but a fantastic piece of clothing for keeping your babies close to you, either for kangaroo care or general – highly beneficial –  skin-to-skin contact. These are particularly brilliant for premature/ low birth weight babies and are used in some hospital settings.

A Close Caboo can be used to carry newborns twins.

Two pouch slings or rings slings, or one of each: Great for a carrying two newborn twins on your front or one baby on each hip (typically from around 2-4m+), this can be a very ‘natural’ feeling way of carrying for parents who hold their twins in-arms. We find the stretchy ‘Little Wrap Without A Knot’ ring sling from JPMBB super comfy, with no restrictions on your arm/shoulder movement.

Two tie-on Meh Dai carriers, or one Meh Dai and one buckled carrier.

A buckle carrier on your back with a short woven wrap threaded through the front.

A long woven wrap on your front and an onbuhimo on your back.

….or any other combination that works for you!

Oh – and for keeping twins dry when worn front-and-back, we highly recommend the brilliant BundleBean babywearing raincovers!




Interested in twin baby carrying? Book into one of our Twin Baby Carrying Workshops, book to see one of our Consultants or find a babywearing educator near you. 

Always seek advice from your medical practitioner if your babies have health considerations, and seek guidance on babywearing safety from an experienced babywearing Consultant if you would like help carrying two babies.

It is typically recommended that you wait until babies are able to sit up well with support, before carrying them on your back. This applies particularly to buckled carriers, which tend to seat baby mid-low on your back and therefore do not offer a sufficiently easy view of smaller babies. 

The Twin Sling Facebook group is a great resource for advice and ideas. 

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