Twingo Twin Baby Carrier Review

The Twingo is an ingenious baby carrier, designed to carry two babies at a time. It’s ideal for twins but works really well for little ones of different ages, too. It can also be worn as two entirely separate carriers. One-year-old twins Skye and Iona came over recently to help me road test it.

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I have to say the girls felt much lighter than their combined weight of 37lbs (17kg). It is incredibly comfy and distributed their weight perfectly across my body. Having experimented with a few different buckle/wrap/mei tai options for wearing two toddlers, this has to be the quickest, easiest and comfiest I’ve found so far.

It has the same design principles as most buckled, soft structured baby carriers like the Ergobaby, Manduca and Tula.

A big advantage of the Twingo over two separate baby carriers is that you only have one set of shoulder straps. You essentially have one carrier, worn on your back, with a second body panel (with its own removable shoulder straps) that neatly clips onto the front. This makes carrying two babies or toddlers MUCH less cumbersome.


It’s easier to get on and off than you might imagine, though of course a little practice and guidance may be needed. It’s always a good idea to get used to wearing one baby on your front first; then one baby on your back; before you move onto a tandem carry.

The Twingo has an upper weight limit of 40lb (18kg) if you’re wearing one baby, or a combined weight limit of 70lb (32kg) when used as a tandem carrier. You can wear a baby on your front in the ‘base’ carrier from 10lbs upwards, or as little at 8lbs using the infant insert.  But one baby will need to have good, consistent head control and be able to sit up with minimal assistance (around 6 months adjusted) before they can go on your back.


The body panels have generous zipped pockets so you can nip to the shops without the need for a handbag or changing bag. So long as you’re able to pack lightly. Each half of the carrier folds in on itself like a pack-a-mac, leaving you with two neat little packages that can easily fit in a bag or under a buggy.

It’s a fantastic product for anyone hoping to carry their twins or siblings – and less pricey than cheaper than two top of the range carriers.

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