Top 6 Slings For Around The House

When you’ve just had a new baby most of us spend quite a lot of time around the house. But in the current climate we’re all at home more than we expected. Whilst many parents think of carriers as being for travelling or out of the house, spending so much time at home will give you more need to use a sling or carrier than you think.

Babies generally nap for longer and are more settled when carried. Slings are great for helping digestive discomfort and a perfect way to comfort a baby who’s teething. The last thing you want when you’re stuck at home is a grouchy baby!

Keeping your baby secured close to you as you get chores (or even work) done will help keep them engaged and stimulated when the scene isn’t otherwise changing very much. Older babies love to get involved and a hip or back carry will help them to feel part of the action.

Most importantly, if your little one is unwell all they’ll want is hugs, reassurance and to be close to you 24-7. Life with a sick baby is definitely easier when you’ve got a good sling to support you!

Which sling to choose

For a sling around the house, you want something easy, not too bulky and that you can comfortably sit down in. Maybe even something you could use to do a babywearing dance or gentle exercise class (there are a few of these out there, so search online) if you need some activity too! All of these are machine washable to help with infection control too.


Our go-to sling for newborns, a stretchy wrap is perfect for the first few months and super comfy around the house. Tie it on and it feels soft and flexible like clothing, whilst giving a secure comfortable carry for your little baby. Our favourites are the bamboo Izmi Wrap, or the beautiful Coracor wraps.


Don’t fancy a tied carrier but still want snug support from newborn? The Izmi Baby Carrier is lightweight yet supportive and ideal around the house. It’s unpadded so easy to sit down in and won’t feel bulky at home. Both offer a hip carry, great for being a bit more social with your baby. There’s also an Izmi Toddler carrier for 9months-3yrs+.


The Minimonkey Mini Sling is a super-compact front and hip carrier suitable from newborn to (small) toddler. It basically works like a ring sling, but its easier for most people to get the hang of and is more lightweight. This neat, quick-drying mesh sling allows you to carry your baby in a natural, ergonomic position. Perfect for around the house and quick-up-and-downs. It weighs the same as a mobile phone at just 175g and is absurdly good value at just £35!


Another super easy lightweight buckle carrier, with a barely-there waistband, the Integra Size 1 is perfect for babies 6-18 months and great for both front and back carries. (It’s also identical to the no-longer-widely-available Connecta Baby Carrier). It also comes in toddler (Size 2, 18m-3yrs) and preschool (size 3, 3yrs+) versions.


If you’re a bit more adventurous then we’d really recommend trying a ring sling. These are brilliant for any stage or situation when you’d be carrying your baby or toddler on your hip. A hip carry allows your little one to share your view of the world, and share their experiences with you. It’s super social and also super snuggly and huggy feeling for those who are needing closeness and comfort. You can use rings slings from newborn, though we find them easiest from 4 months right up to 3-4 years. Check out our colourful Little Frog and beautiful organic Didymos Ring Slings.


If you’ve got two little ones to juggle then the Mini Monkey is great. Specifically designed to carry twins with one baby on each hip, this carrier is supportive and surprisingly simple (once you’ve got the knack – it does take a little bit of practice at first). The newest version of this carrier is made from even more lightweight fabric so there’s no unnecessary bulk when carrying two.

Newborn twins are best carried using a stretchy wrap – the Izmi Wrap is great for this. For a lightweight option with older twins, try using two Izmi/Connecta/Integra carriers – one on the front and one on the back!

Need help choosing the right baby carrier? Call the team for a chat on 0345 222 9004.

If you need any help with your existing sling or carrier, we can offer consultations by Skype/Facetime to make sure you’re getting the support you need, wherever you are! Email [email protected] to find out more.

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  1. Sunnie on December 14, 2020 at 9:32 am

    Learning to use a ring sling is deceptively simple. It requires a bit of a learning curve, as you tweak and fidget the linen band around your baby s body and adjust the tension through the ring, and you ll need to use it a few times before the linen breaks down and becomes more soft and comfortable. Once you get the hang of it, it s by far the smallest carrier to pack, and it s easy to throw it over your shoulder, quickly tuck your infant in it, and pick up some milk at the store.

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