Best Babywearing & Maternity Coats 2022

Looking for the best babywearing coat? Want to use it during pregnancy, for everyday use and even for back carrying?

Here’s our ultimate buying guide for 2022.

Bestseller of All Time: Mamalila Women’s Allrounder Softshell Babywearing Jacket (and the new version of the same brilliant jacket made from 100% recycled polyester!), £179.90

Warmer Version of the Bestseller: Mamalila Allweather Babywearing Cosy Allrounder Jacket, £219

The Proper Winter Coat: Wallaby from Wombat & Co. London, £169.90 – CURRENTLY £139!

The Super Light Jacket: Numbat Go from Wombat & Co. London, £99

Not forgetting the Dads: Mamalila Men’s All Weather Softshell Babywearing Jacket, £229

If you use a baby carrier or sling, a babywearing coat is going to be one of the BEST purchases you’ll ever make. They make carrying in cold and wet weather so much easier!

What are the benefits of a babywearing coat?

1. Babywearing jackets come with removable babywearing and maternity panels, so you can use them during pregancy AND as an everyday coat when you’re not carrying.

2. No need to dress your baby in bulky outdoors clothes: Keep your baby in indoor clothing and simply pop the jacket over both of you.

3. Easier than trying to put a carrier on OVER your own coat – which is guaranteed to make you sweat and overheat as soon as you step indoors!

4.No risk of baby overheating in a bulky snowsuit

5. They fit over all baby carriers and wraps.

6. The best ones (i.e. all those listed here) are also suitable when you’re carrying your baby on your back

My team and I have tried and tested a LOT of different brands and models, with both our own babies and with our customers here at our London Boutique. These are our top recommendations for this season, and you can view our full range of babywearing coats for mums and dads here.

If you need help choosing what style is best for you, or for sizing advice, live chat with us below.

1. The Best Babywearing Coat of All Time (perfect for all seasons): Mamalila Women’s Recycled Allrounder Softshell Babywearing Jacket

We love Mamalila jackets. With every eco and ethical credential you can imagine, this German brand makes top quality coats that will last years. My Allrounder Softshell is heading into its 6th year and still looks amazing! It’s been our bestseller for the last 4 years and our customers rave about them. So what makes them so popular?

It’s 100% water repellent and windproof – so you’ll be protected even in heavy rain. It’s lightweight and breathable, thanks to the clever polyurethane membrane which ensures sweat and excess heat evaporate and regulates the temperature inside the jacket – so no overheating or stickiness. The superlight fleece lining feels soft against you and your baby’s skin.

Its sporty yet feminine and lightly tailored cut makes it exceptionally flattering, and the length seems to work for pretty much everyone: I’m 5’7″ and the jacket comes to just below my bum. On shorter mums it will come to mid/top of the thigh.

It comes with two insert panels – one for pregnancy (narrower, and cleverly contoured) and one for babywearing (wider, with a hood) – so it can quickly change from a normal jacket into a maternity jacket or a babywearing jacket.

Once your baby gets to around 1.5-2yrs and you need more space, you can connect the two panels together for extra room. By this point your toddler’s feet will likely be peeking out from under the coat – which is no bad thing, as they’ll likely be wearing muddy shoes by that point.

There’s a concealed zip in the back for you to slide the babywearing panel in for back carrying. The panel itself has a brilliant adjustable hood for baby, which poppers onto the main coat, so your baby will stay dry with no need for an umbrella. Your hood is adjustable too – so it really stays put- and is removable.

The additional elastic inner wristbands, closable neck poppers and drawstrings at the bottom of the coat mean zero raindrops get through. The zip-up pockets mean your phone and keys will stay in place, too. They really have thought of everything; which is why rate it the best babywearing coat of all time.

It comes in 6 different colours in sizes from UK 8 to UK 20.

When it comes to choosing a fit: this is a slim-fitting jacket, so lots of mums prefer to size up. So If you want to be able to wear a thick jumper underneath the jacket in the winter; if you are 5’8″ tall or above; or if your chest measurements are notably larger than your waist/hip measurements; we recommend buying a size bigger than your usual dress/top size.

2. The Warmer Version of the Best Babywearing Coat: Mamalila Allweather Babywearing Cosy Allrounder Jacket, £219

Love the sound of the Mamalila AllRounder Softshell jacket, but want something a bit warmer? Go for the Mamalila Allweather Babywearing Cosy Allrounder Jacket. This ‘Cosy’ version has all the same features and functions as our bestseller/ a.k.a THE best babaywearing coat; but with a thicker, teddy-style sherpa fleece lining. It’s very slightly longer and little more of an A-Line shape, with 2 large pockets and 2 hidden ‘hand warmer’ pockets, giving it a classic parka-style look (especially the khaki edition).

You’re unlikely to need a thick jumper with this one, unless it’s a super cold day or you live in a cold climate. Again, taller, bigger busted or generally-cold-mums-who-need-extra-layers will want to size up for winter use.

3. The Best Babywearing Coat for Winter: Wallaby from Wombat & Co. London, £169.90

If you want a PROPER winter-proof coat, this Wallaby is the best babywearing coat for you. Its ultra-soft furry lining makes it wonderfully warm, without feeling heavy. It’s a really flattering length: longer than the Mamalila jackets, it will cover your bum and some of your thighs (depending on your height). This longer length means your little one can be snuggled inside until they’re around 3 years old.

This is water repellent, windproof and perfect for typically British winters. Mine has seen me through three winters so far and I wouldn’t be without it! The cut is beautiful – there’s a hidden internal drawstring to cinch in the waist – so it doesn’t feel or look bulky. The fabric doesn’t look ‘outdoorsy’ either, and it’s stylish to wear over work attire and ‘going out’ clothes.

The Wallaby comes with one removable panel, which you can cinch for use during pregnancy, and open out once you’re using it over a baby carrier. This panel doesn’t have a hood for baby, so in super heavy rain you *might* need a little hat for them or an umbrella. But as you can zip it up quite high to ther top of baby’s head, you little one is suprising well protected from the elements even without a dedicated hood. And of course, you can pop the panel into the back of the coat (another hidden zip) when back carrying (from 6months+).

This coat has multiple looks: it comes with a removable furry scarf-slash-neck-warmer, which poppers on around the collar. You can wear this with, or without, the (removable) hood for a dressier look. Scarves are not recommended when babywearing (fabric over babies faces should always be avoided) so this thoughtful touch means you’ll stay extra warm.

Live in a cold climate and spend a lot of time outdoors? It’s also worth checking out the Mamalila Winter Babywearing Parka WinterWander. At £369 it’s at the pricier end, but it’s exceptional quality, made from high-tech recycled fabrics and designed for carrying in sub-zero temperatures.

Based on a lot of customer feedback, we’d say the Wallaby coat fits true to size. However, if are 5’9″ tall or above, or if your chest measurements are notably larger than your waist/hip measurements, you may wish to size up. Please do get in touch if you’d like further help choosing the right size.

4. The Super Lightweight Babywearing Jacket: Numbat Go from Wombat & Co. London, £99

The Numbat Go is the lightest babywearing coat on the market. A tiny 500g, it’s the best babywearing coat for mild weather, spring/autumn layering – and generally indecisive British weather! Its longer length makes it perfect for babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers; and for protection from sudden showers on the back from the park, shops, or school run.

This is definitely a shower-proof-only coat, with the city-dwelling mum in mind. For more robust waterproof protection in milder weather, check out the Mamalila Rain Jacket (£169.90) or, for a stylish longer-length jacket, the Mamalila Dublin Coat (£239.95). But at just £99, this Numbat Go is great value – and great looking to boot.

One of our favourite features: it folds down to a tiny, neat little parcel that you can easily keep in your bag or under your buggy just in case. Just packs the coat away into its hood, secure with a neat little popper – and it comes with a detachable strap so you can wear it like a crossbody bag.

Just like its wintery cousin, the Wallaby, this has a stylish cut, cinchable waist and comes with one adjustable (hoodless) insert panel for babywearing and maternity use, and for both and back carrying. The fabric feels super soft, with a satin-touch internal lining.

5. Don’t Forget a Babywearing Coat for Dad!

We’ve got Dads covered too, plus a Unisex option – ideal for swapping between Mum and Dad.

How about some longer and more luxurious options?

Pure Eco Wool, two coats in one, removable linings… these treasures make beautiful investment pieces.

A Few Things To Consider Before You Buy a Babywearing Coat

Be sure to read out size guides for each product and please get in touch if you need help to choose your coat. We’ve fitted these coats to a LOT of parents and have been selling them for years, so we’re pretty great at advising on what size and style will suit you 🙂

All babywearing coats are designed with parent-facing carrying in mind. You can fit most over a baby who is facing outwards, e.g. in an Ergobaby Omni baby carrier, but babywearing coats are not designed with this in mind so it will be a bit snug in this position and their feet may pop out the bottom (so invest in some of these Mamalila Booties).

It’s worth the investment! These coats will last and are a joy to wear. Many inexpensive coats that pop up online tend to either be very heavy (not what you want when you’re already carrying a baby); rather shapeless (so you wouldn’t want to wear them as a regular coat!), and tend not to offer the back carrying option.

Already have a great coat, but wish it would fit around your baby carrier Take a look at the ZipUsIn Universal Coat Extension Panel and the Bundlebean Babywearing Covers.

Get in touch

If you need help choosing what style is best for you, or for sizing (or generally babywearing) advice, give us a call on +44(0)345 222 9004 or at

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