The 7 Best Baby Wraps 2022


Best Baby Wrap Overall: Izmi Baby Wrap and Coracor Baby Wrap

Most Beautiful Baby Wrap: Freerider Baby Sling and Coracor Baby Wrap

Best Value Baby Wrap: Izmi Essential Newborn Bundle

Best Baby Wrap for Summer: Freerider Baby Sling

Easiest Baby Wrap: Caboo + Organic Baby Wrap

Best Baby Wrap for Premature Babies: Hana Baby Organic Wrap

Best Baby Wrap for Twins: Izmi Baby Wrap

What kind of baby wrap is best? What is the best sling wrap for a newborn?

I’ve tried and tested over 100 baby wraps, and narrowed it down to my top 7 for you!

No paid reviews here, just honest, independent expert advice. At Wear My Baby we only stock slings that we love!

Perfect to use from birth (6lbs/2.5kg), super comfy and dreamily soft, these elasticated baby wraps are one-size-fits-all and perfect for both mums and dads.

Simply tie the wrap tightly around your body and pop your baby in and out during the day. You can breastfeed in all these wraps, too. (Here’s more on breastfeeding in slings).

TOP TIP: Most baby wraps have an upper weight limit of around 10-12kg (22-28lbs). But once your baby is 4 – 5 months old, most families will find a more structured baby carrier much more supportive, especially for longer walks.

These wraps are super easy to get the hang of. You might need a few tries to get your wrap tied perfectly, but it’ll soon be easy as tying your shoelaces.

My team and I offer a FREE 15-minute video fit check with every purchase from Wear My Baby, to make sure you’re safe and comfortable.

The 7 Best Baby Wraps for 2022

1. Izmi Baby Wrap, £49

The Izmi Baby Wrap is a beautiful bamboo wrap and one of the best stretchy slings I’ve ever tried.  It’s incredibly soft, cool to the touch and perfect from your baby’s first days.

It has a very luxurious, almost silky feel and comes in 4 colours. Made from bamboo, it’s breathable and UV protective, and great for all seasons.

With just the right amount of stretch in 2 directions, the Izmi Wrap is easy to use and supportive enough to carry even very heavy babies.

It’s been designed with twins in mind, too, so it’s been made slightly wider so you can safely carry two babies at once!

2. Coracor Baby Wrap, £69.90

Coracor Baby Wraps are SO beautiful. If you want a gorgeous baby wrap that both mums and dads will love wearing, these are the ones for you.

Think warm pastel tones, muted animal prints, geometric patterns and pretty abstract designs. The reverse of the wrap is plain white, and these contrasting sides come in very handy when you’re learning to wrap.

Stretching both width- and length-ways, it feels similar to the Izmi Wrap (but prettier!)

Made from top quality, 100% organic cotton and designed in Sweden, these make a perfect new baby gift.

I love that the wrap packs neatly away into a handy pocket at the end of the wrap for easy storage.

3. Freerider Baby Sling, from £58

Freerider Slings are made from ultra light, silky soft Tencel and are very thin, making them perfect for hot weather. They come in the most exquisite colours and limited edition patterns, so you’re likely to want more than one.

This environmentally-friendly fabric is made from sustainably-sourced eucalyptus trees. It’s soft, silky and strong, much thinner and lighter than conventional cotton-blend stretchy wraps.

Produced from wood pulp from sustainably managed tree farms, the fibres are compostable and biodegradable, with a much lower carbon footprint than traditional fabrics.

The material only stretches in one direction; this means it gives slightly more firm support than most stretchy wraps. If 2-way stretch baby wraps like the Izmi, Hana and Coracor are like leggings, the Freerider is more like a pair of jeggings.

4. Hana Baby Organic Wrap, £44

The Hana Baby Organic Wrap is a blend of organic cotton and bamboo and is a great all-rounder. It’s also the only wrap to come in a ‘shorty’ size alongside their standard size, which is ideal for very petite mums (under 5’2″ / UK size 6-8)

It’s one of the stretchiest wraps on the market, with a high degree of stretch both width- and length-ways. This makes it really easy to use and brilliant for smaller babies from 5lbs/2.2kg.

I’ve used Hana Baby Organic Wraps on tiny babies from 3lbs/ 1.5kg, but for very premature babies it’s a good idea to get some extra guidance from a babywearing educator.

6. Caboo + Organic Baby Wrap, £69.95

Love the idea of a snugly stretchy wrap, but a bit daunted by the idea of tying? The Caboo has long been a favourite of parents who want a soft stretchy newborn sling, without zero faff. You can also use this to carry newborn twins.

The Caboo + Organic comes in two parts – the first you simply pop over your head like a t-shirt, before adjusting the size using the two sets of rings.

You then pop your baby into the cross of fabric made by the sling on your front, and lastly tie the support band around you both.

There have been lots of near-identical versions of the Caboo over the years, but this Organic version has the softest and best quality fabric.

Plus there’s a handy zip-up pocket on the front to pop your phone in.

7. Izmi Essential Newborn Bundle, £80

On a budget and deciding between and baby wrap and a carrier? Well, you don’t have to, thanks to the great value Izmi Essential Bundle.

The Izmi Essential Baby Wrap is a great value cotton alternative to the luxurious bamboo Izmi Baby Wrap.

The Izmi Essential Carrier is a quick, easy, super-lightweight carrier. It’s a slimmed-down, polyester version of the brilliant Izmi Baby Carrier and ideal from birth to 6 months.

Other Baby Wraps To Know About

Ergobaby Aura Wrap is a lovely, lightweight, semi-stretchy wrap. 100% Viscose made from eucalyptus & acacia and similar in feel to the Freerider – just not as ultra-thin or silky.

Boba Wrap is another great all-rounder. Super stretchy like the Hana Baby, this cotton-blend wrap is thicker so ideal for autumn and winter newborns.

Non-stretchy woven wraps are wonderfully versatile and long-lasting, but will require practice to master.

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