Stretchy Wraps

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Stretchy wraps  – Great value and ideal for newborns

Stretchy wraps are long pieces of soft jersey fabric that you wrap around yourself and your baby using different tying methods. They are very supportive and brilliant for carrying small babies and even tiny newborns.

Some stretch width ways and length ways (‘2 way stretch’), making them especially easy to tie, perfect for those new to babywearing, and are most commonly used until babies are 3-6 months old.

Others only stretch width ways (‘1 way stretch’); this means a little more technique is generally required to get a perfect fit, but they are very supportive and will last until at least 12month+.

Most are not suitable for back carries. Stretchy warps are around 5m long, so petite ladies (UK size 8-10) who are new to babywearing might find the Hana Baby ‘shorty’ stretchy wrap more convenient. Prices range from around £25 to £50.

Stretchy Hybrids Great for breastfeeding and ideal for newborns

Stretchy hybrids like those made by Close Parent (aka ‘Close Caboos’) are made of a similar stretchy jersey fabric but come in two parts use rings to tighten and loosen them, making them particularly helpful for breastfeeding on the go.

Our top choices:  Hana Baby Organic, Lifft Stretchy WrapBoba wrap (all 2 way stretch)

Other brands include: JPMBB, Moby, Kari-Me, Amawrap, Funky Flamingo Lillebaby, Moby, Liberty slings.