Olli and Elli Teething Pads


Keep your baby carrier clean, dry and dribble-free with these handmade teething pads.

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Baby carrier covered in drool? Sling always getting soggy? Want to protect the straps or top of your carrier from chewing and discolouring?

Look no further than these lovely handmade Teething Pads from Olli & Elli.

Soft and easy to wash, these universal suck pads fit all slings, wraps and carrier.

Lined with soft polar fleece and secured with non-rust poppers.

These teething pads are sold in pairs.

1 review for Olli and Elli Teething Pads

  1. Joana Monterroso (verified owner)

    Great item with a lovely fabric! My baby is teething and was always trying to chew the baby carrier… this no longer happens with these pads and they’re also easily washable!

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