NEW Minimonkey Twin Carrier


The Minimonkey Twin Carrier is a neat solution for parents with twins.  Perfect for around the house and shorter trips out, it’s safe, comfortable and easy to use.



The Minimonkey Twin Carrier is a really neat solution for anyone with twins.  This unique carrier allows you to carry both of your babies in a natural, ergonomic position.  Perfect for around the house and shorter trips out, it’s safe comfortable and easy to use.

The Minimonkey is designed to carry two babies of similar sizes, one on each side.  This is exactly how many twin parents find themselves carrying their babies in their arms.  It’s a great way for all three of you to share your day together.  The Minimonkey keeps your babies close and settled, whilst allowing you to be completely hands free!

Suitable from babies’ first months and tested up to a maximum weight of 12kg per baby (total 24kg).  The Minimonkey has wide straps and a padded waistband, making it great at distributing the weight of your babies around your whole torso.

The Minimonkey supports your babies hips in a safe, ergonomic position and is certified as a ‘Hip Healthy’ product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This is a really clever twin carrier that’s perfect for parents who want to carry their babies on their hips.


The Minimonkey has been updated for 2020, with new mesh fabrics and more easily adjustable straps.  The Minimonkey now offers an improved fit and even better support for smaller babies.

If you would like to carry your twins on the front and back, we recommend the Twingo Twin Baby Carrier.  For newborn twins, the Izmi Wrap is a great option that allows you to carry one or both babies on your front from day one.


Minimonkey Twin Carrier is Suitable For:

  • Suitable from newborn up to a total max weight of 12kg per baby
  • Ideal from around 6-8weeks +
  • Use for tandem carrying with one baby on each side of your chest/ one on each hip
  • Suits men and women of all sizes

Product Features of the Minimonkey Twin Carrier: 

  • Suitable from newborn, with easily adjustable head support.
  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • New improved fit and support for both parents and babies.
  • Babies are held in a ‘Hip Healthy’, ergonomic position.
  • Supports each baby individually so you can take out either baby without disturbing the other.
  • Wide shoulder straps and removable padded waistband.
  • Lightweight mesh fabrics mean no added bulk when carrying two babies.
  • Comes with a neat carry bag for compact storage.
  • Adjustable straps to suit any shape or size.

Minimonkey Twin Carrier Positions:

  • Wear the Minimonkey Twin Carrier to carry two newborn babies on your chest.
  • Use for carrying two older babies – one on each hip – from around 4-6 months upwards.
  • Babies are carried in an ergonomic position facing towards your body; older babies will be able to easily look around them
  • Not suitable for front facing outwards (‘world-facing’)

The Small Print:

  • Airy mesh fabric
  • Spot clean where possible. Machine wash using a gentle cycle at 30 degrees C and use a mild liquid detergent.


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