Mamaruga Zensling


Mamaruga Zensling is a super-soft buckled carrier made from stretchy fabric.

This highly adjustable baby carrier really is brilliant for newborn babies and will last until they’re walking and beyond.

Now available in luxurious, Limited Edition woven wrap fabrics.

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The Mamaruga Zensling is an absolute revelation. A super-soft buckled carrier made from stretchy fabric, it’s one of our top choices for newborns.

This highly adjustable carrier is perfect for newborn babies and will last until they’re walking and beyond.

Putting on the Zensling feels like slipping into a comfy pair of tracksuit bottoms and snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. What’s not to love?

Stylish, soft and in a range of stunning colours, you won’t want to take this one off!

Read our full review of the Mamaruga Zensling.




The Mamaruga Zensling is Suitable For:

  • Suitable from 3kg-20kg (6.5lbs- 44lbs)
  • Ideal from newborn to 12-18 months
  • Great for mums and dads
  • Ideal for petite to average size wearers

Mamaruga Zensling Features:

  • The Mamaruga Zensling is a lightweight carrier, made from super-soft, stretchy cotton blend fabric
  • Perfect for wearing around the house, but supportive enough for days out
  • Lightly padded, spreadable shoulder straps
  • Dual-adjust shoulder straps
  • Soft, barely-padded waistband
  • Easy to adjust the body panel to suit your growing baby
  • Height is adjusted by pulling on integrated body panel straps
  • Width is adjusted simply by cinching in the body panel along the waistband
  • Integrated, adjustable sleeping hood
  • Shoulder straps optimally comfortable when worn crossed in an ‘X’ shape, but can also be worn rucksack style

Mamaruga Zensling Positions:

  • Mamaruga Zensling can be used for front, back (from approx 6 months+) and hip carrying
  • Ergonomic carrying position

The Small Print:

  • Mamaruga Zensling instructions available here 
  • Made with organic cotton
  • 96% cotton, 4% lycra, polyester padding
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty from date of purchase
  • Meets Safety Standard EN 13209-2
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees. Connect all buckles before washing.
  • Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or tumble dry

1 review for Mamaruga Zensling

  1. Soshanna

    A lovely super soft buckle carrier with wide straps which spread the weight well making it very comfortable. The adjustable base and side are very clever and adjusts easily for newborns. We’ve just bought one for the library and it went straight out! Another few are needed!

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