Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbuhimo Toddler Carrier

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Lenny Lamb Onbuhimo carriers are perfect for piggybacks! With no waistband, these ultra-simple carriers are great for short trips when your toddler’s legs get tired.

Onbuhimos can be especially useful for pregnant women who may be finding the waistbands of their structured carriers uncomfortable.

The Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo Toddler Carrier comes in a gorgeous range of fabric designs woven specially for Lenny Lamb.  Also available in a Baby size for little ones aged 6-18 months.

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Lenny Lamb Drool Pad and Reach Strap Set

A coordinating pair of Drool Pads to keep your carrier straps clean and dry, plus Reach Straps to make it easier for you to pull the hood on your baby’s head when back carrying. £19.95 (usually £21.95)

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If you want the minimum amount of straps and adjustments, this simple and lightweight toddler carrier is the solution for you. It is also perfect during pregnancy or anytime you don’t want to put pressure on your abdomen. Ideal for quick trips, around the house, or as a back-carrying aid when your toddlers legs get tired!

Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo carriers come in a lush range of super soft fabric designs woven specifically for Lenny Lamb.




Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbuhimo Toddler Carrier is Suitable For:

  • Older babies and toddlers aged 12-36 months
  • For babies who can sit unassisted
  • Perfect during pregnancy or anytime you don’t want to put pressure on your abdomen
  • Quick trips/short periods of time

Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbuhimo Toddler Carrier Product Features:

  • Grows with your child thanks to the width-adjustable body panel
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps ensure a perfect fit and comfort for parents of various sizes
  • No waist belt
  • Adjustable, non-detachable hood which can be used to support your child’s head while sleeping, and for wind and sun protection

Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbuhimo Toddler Carrier Positions:

  • Back carrying

The Small Print:

  • Body panel size: 27×45 cm x 38 cm, see diagram below
  • Lenny Lamb recommends spot-cleaning your carrier with warm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth. If necessary the carrier can be hand washed at 30 C. Do not dry clean or tumble dry
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Note from Lenny Lamb: The placement of the pattern can vary


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