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Ansmann Twilight Night Light


Our favourite nightlight! Perfect for night time feeds and a reassuring night light for little kids.

With a sleek, slimline design the Ansmann Twilight Night Light turns on and off with an automatic, light detecting sensor.

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The Ansmann Twilight Night Light is a home essential for those of us with babies and small children.

When you’re up regularly in the night to feed your baby, bathroom visits or when helping your child back to sleep you don’t want the brightness of ceiling lights dazzling you, but you definitely need to know where you’re going!

The Ansmann Twighlight Night Light is ideal as a soft, reassuring night light in children’s bedrooms, and perfect as a discrete corridor light for safe movement around the house at night.

With a sleek, slimeline design and an integrated twilight sensor to automatically turn the LED light on in the evening, and off again in the morning.  The Ansmann Twilight Night Light simply plugs into any power socket and comes with a 2 year warranty,


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