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You are welcome at Wear My Baby.

We believe that babywearing is a wonderful parenting tool, but we do not promote any specific parenting style or philosophy.

We offer professional, independent carrying advice for all.

Do we really mean 'all?'

Yes, we do.

Your family is welcome.

Whatever your parenting style, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, faith tradition, age, physical abilities or additional requirements; whatever the shape of your family; we want to support you to carry your children.

We always strive to offer a brilliant, supportive and inclusive environment for our team, and a welcoming, non-judgemental, outstanding experience for our customers and clients.

We work in collaboration with organisations who offer additional support to families in need.

Want to talk? Call us on 0345 222 9004 or contact Hannah and the team at info@wearmybaby.co.uk

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