Neobulle Evolubulle Meh Dai Review

Why are we so excited? The Evolubulle is made of soft, woven fabric and is suitable from baby’s first months all the way to preschooler.

Like all Meh Dais, it’s made up of a rectangular panel with long straps on each corner. The baby sits in the panel and the straps are tied around the wearer. Simple but ingenious, as the straps can be tightened to mould perfectly around you and your ever-growing baby.

If you like the look and feel of a woven wrap but want the convenience of a structured carrier, a Meh Dai like the Evolubulle is the perfect compromise.

I took it for a test ride with my toddler. Here are my thoughts on why it makes a great everyday carrier.

The Neobulle Evolubulle, an adjustable, tie-on carrier (Meh Dai) from French brand Neobulle has landed at the Wear My Baby Boutique and online store.

The Neobulle Evobulle is available to buy now for £109.95.



We all come in different shapes and sizes, so the beauty of a Meh Dai is that the straps can fit around any adult, from petite to plus size. Often couples struggle to agree on a sling to share, so if you are looking for just one sling for the household this could be it.

With the Evolubulle, both waist and shoulder straps can be tied precisely resulting in a snug carry.

For those on the petite side, this Meh Dai will tighten as far as you need to get a comfortable and high enough back carry – something that isn’t possible with many buckled carriers.

My little one loved being able to see over my shoulders and she felt so much lighter than usual with a carrier that could be fitted so well to my size.

There are no buckles or webbing, which will suit parents who have difficulty with tightening or fastening structured carriers, or those who find buckles dig in. The straps can easily be tightened and secured with a simple knot.

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The waistband is padded giving a bit of structure and support. This is great for those carrying older babies and children. And the light padding in the shoulder straps makes them super comfortable and not so bulky to affect the overall look.

I could easily hold both straps in one hand which is important for back transfers. The woven tails are nice and grippy for tying a basic granny or reef knot.




You may be wondering how it’s possible for a carrier to fit a small baby and a preschooler?

The Evolubulle has lots of clever features, that make it easy to adjust to your baby, without the need for any fiddly accessory straps or inserts.

Velcro hidden in the waistband means the width of the panel can be cinched down for small babies. The height is adjusted by a neat pair of drawstrings at the sides.

A couple of features provide head support for small or sleeping babies. You have the option of cinching the top hem which gives support to the nape of the neck. And rolled up fabric underneath, secured by toggles creates a padded little headrest.

A really clever bit of design means you can unroll the headrest and zip it up a few more inches to create a backrest for toddlers and preschoolers. It came in handy for my 2-year-old when she fell asleep on my back and I needed just a touch more fabric to support her head.

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The Evolubulle gives you the options of front carrying, hip carrying (from 4-5 months+) or back carrying (from 6months!+).




Even though there are lots of options for adjustment, the overall look is understated and simple.

The woven fabric is 100% cotton which means it is nice and breathable for all seasons and washable. It feels durable and supportive due to the weave, but lovely and soft.

This carrier is very versatile.

For smaller babies in a front carry you can cross under the bum and tie off at the back. With heavier babies and children you have the option to spread the full width of the tails across your baby’s bum for extra lift and support.

Another cool option for a back carry is untying the waistband and taking the weight just in your shoulders. This method of tying is often favoured by babywearers who are pregnant or those who prefer not to carry weight across their abdomen.

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A Meh Dai like the Neobulle Evolubulle may seem tricky on first glance but it’s quick to pick up.

I was surprised at how great the Evolubulle looked and felt after just a few practices. I found it especially comfortable for long outings and walks. And it passed the sleepy dust test with flying colours – my daughter slept in it on our first go.

This carrier may even be a stepping stone for those who are intrigued but intimidated by woven wraps as you can build your confidence in understanding woven fabric and how to spread, tighten and tie. You can even use fancy finishes akin to a wrap which add comfort and look great.

And the cons?

The Evolubulle is designed to be suitable from birth, but many newborns won’t reach the minimum weight recommendation of 7.7lb. Adjusting to the smallest settings and folding the waistband to reduce the panel is workable but a bit bulky. I prefer the super close feel of a stretchy wrap or similar for newborns. The Evolubulle would fit most babies beautifully after their first month or two.

The Evolubulle isn’t the cheapest Meh Dai on the market, but it’s the most long-lasting I’ve ever seen! It can be shared by different sized parents and different sized siblings for that matter. The adaptability teamed with the comfort make it worth every penny.

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