Meh Dais

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Meh Dais / Mei Tais A great mid-way between a woven wrap and a buckled carrier

Mei Tais, more correctly pronounced as ‘meh-dais or ‘bei-dais’  are tie-on baby carriers. The feature a fabric panel to support the baby’s back, with long straps at each corner that are tied together around the wearer’s shoulders/back and waist. They are highly adjustable for front and back carries and for wearers of different sizes. Many are suitable from small babies up to toddlers, but there is quite a variation of size, style and adjustability between brands.

Some have wide ‘wrap straps’, which feel more like a woven wrap across the shoulders; others have padded straps similar to a soft-structured carrier. Others have clever hybrid straps that do both. Prices range from around £60 to £100.

Our top choices:  Hop-Tye Soul Meh Dai

Other brands/models include:  Fidella Fly Tai, ByKay mei tai, Girasol Mysol, Didymos Didytai