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The Manduca XT Carrier is simply brilliant.  The most impressive baby carrier from this legendary babywearing brand really does live up to everything I could have hoped for.  It’s one of my go-to favourites for mums from a UK size 6 to 24 (and all Dads) and will fit your baby from birth to 3 years!



The Manduca XT is a baby carrier suitable for newborns from 7lbs (3.5kg). A huge improvement on the original Manduca Carrier, the XT has lost the original (slightly fiddly) infant insert that it needed to accommodate smaller babies.  With the Manduca XT you simply adjust the seat to the narrowest width to fit your newborn. It’s that easy. The bucket shape of the carrier means that as the width is narrow, the height is adjusted at the same time.

In theory, the Manduca XT can be used from birth, and for many families, this is indeed true.  However – similar to some other popular baby to toddler carriers – we find the XT works best from around one month of age. It can still feel a little cumbersome with some really tiny newborns.




The Manduca XT has a One-of-a-kind adjustable body panel.  The seat width reduces to just 6″ (16cm), and can be extended to 19″ (50cm) using the sliding Velcro waistband. So this baby carrier really will accommodate newborns, preschoolers and everything in between.  The extending seat panel simply slides along the waistband; super easy and no fiddly bits to do up.  And at every size, the seat is softly cushioned under your baby’s legs.

Just like the original Manduca carrier, the XT adjust in height as your baby grows.  Simply extend the height of the body panel to offer extra support and stability, just by undoing the zipped portion of the body panel.

The upper weight limit for the Manduca XT is 20kg. So long as your child is happy to ride with their arms out of the carrier, you could still get a good fit for a 3 or even 4-year-old. But if you want your toddler to be more ‘contained’ and able to snuggle down inside the carrier, you may want to move on to a purpose-made toddler carrier like the Isara Toddler Carrier once they get past 2-3 years.




The Manduca XT offers all the usual carrying positions: front carrying, back carrying and – though it’s a bit of a compromise and not 100% comfortable – a hip carry. It’s not to be used for front-facing outwards, but most babies (from 4-5 months+ only) are happy to have their arms-out as a non-restrictive alternative to facing-out. Which is easy to do in this carrier.

When carrying baby on your front, you can cross the straps over your back (in an ‘X’ position), so there’s no fiddling around to do up a clip behind your back. You also have the option to wear the straps rucksack style (in an ‘H’ position), fitting the two straps as loops over your shoulders, if you prefer.




Like the classic versions, the Manduca XT features some clever little adjusters on the front of the shoulder straps. If you tighten these before putting your child on your back (from around 6 months+), they will sit high and snug on your back, giving them a more elevated position and view. Much more entertaining than hanging low on your back and only seeing your shoulder blades. And more comfy for you.

Here’s our tutorial on how to Back Carrier using a Manduca (the same technique applies for the Manduca XT).




While many baby carriers claim to fit everyone,  most are best suited to either petite to average size wearer; or average to plus size wearers. We’ve fitted the Original Manduca carrier to many hundreds of families, and it hits the sweet spot for all shapes and sizes more often than most: its ideal for mums from a UK size 6 to 24!

Happily, the Manduca XT shares all the same contouring and adjustments as it’s older brother. Mum is a curvy 5’2″ and Dad is 6’4″? No worries, just get a Manduca XT!




Many of our families want a supportive carrier, but without hard bits digging in or stiff waistbands that stop them from sitting comfortably. The Manduca XT offers a great happy medium. The waistband is supportive but contoured and malleable. The shoulder straps are padded, but narrow enough that you don’t feel like you’re wearing bulky shoulder pads.  Even the buckles have padding so there’s no chance they can dig in.





The Manduca XT carrier is incredibly well made. We’ve seen parents with pre-loved Manducas that have been passed around and used well for many years, and they’re still going strong. German brand Manduca are committed to high-quality production and materials. And they mean it.  Their new XT Carrier is constructed from their super soft and strong organic cotton fabric. All the carrier buckles and components are top quality.




The Manduca XT features a helpful hood, which tucks away into its own little pocket when not in use. Once adjusted to fit your body, the leftover lengths of straps and webbing can be neatly rolled up and secured with the small elastic loops on the ends of them. So you’re left with a neat and streamlined carrier. I love it!



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  1. I love your video can you do a demo for hip carrying with the manduca? I cannot figure it out with any video and my baby loves him carrying !!!!

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