Lenny Lamb Preschool Carrier Review

The Lenny Lamb Preschool Carrier is a luxurious ultra-supportive and exceptionally comfortable toddler carrier.  Suitable for back and front carrying, it cleverly adjusts to provide a perfect fit for children from 15 months to 7 years – and beyond!

It’s essentially a larger version of the brilliant Lenny Lamb Upgrade, which fits from 0 to 2-year-olds.

Giving a perfect fit for mums from UK size 6 to 24, and all dads, it’s my top choice for any family that’s outgrowing their baby carrier.

Here’s all you need to know…


The Lenny Lamb Preschool Carrier is one of the comfiest toddler carriers around. It really does fit every parent. Most carriers claim to fit everyone, but in reality, petite parents will often find the likes of the Beco Toddler Carrier or the Easy Feel Extend Plus a little too bulky.

Plus size parents can find some carriers poke in uncomfortably in all the wrong places. Not so this one. All buckles are backed with soft padding for zero digging.

I’ve fitted this one to hundreds of families, and it’s universally loved by parents of all shapes and sizes. It supports heavy children without the need for a bulky frame or stiff padding, and all straps are highly adjustable so it can mould around every body shape.

Mum is a curvy 5’2″ and Dad is 6’4″? No worries, just get this one to share!


The Lenny Lamb Preschool is suitable for toddlers from around 15-18 months, up to an average height 7 or 8 year old. Its safety tested to a maximum weight of 30 kg/ 66lbs, so if you have an even older child who’s within this weight, it will last you longer.

You simply adjust the seat to the narrowest width to fit your newborn, using the hidden Velcro inside the waistband; and adjust the height using the concealed pull-strap with buttons on either side of the body panel.

So as your child grows, you can make the carrier wider and taller every few months to give extra support for your ever-growing little one.


Many of our families want a supportive carrier for their toddler or preschooler, but without hard bits digging in or stiff waistbands. This carriers fits the bill perfectly. The waistband is supportive but contoured and malleable, with a removable lumbar support pad.

The shoulder straps are padded, but narrow enough that you don’t feel like you’re wearing bulky shoulder pads.  Even the side buckles have padding on the back so there’s no chance they can dig into your breasts – so ideal for larger chested mums.


When carrying your child on your front, you can cross the straps over your back (in an ‘X’ position), so there’s no fiddling around to do up a clip behind your back This makes it slightly easier for front carrying than the rucksack-style-only Tula Toddler Carrier.

But you still have the option to wear the straps rucksack style (in an ‘H’ position), fitting the two straps as loops over your shoulders, if you prefer.


The Lenny Lamb Preschool offers all the usual carrying positions: front carrying, back carrying and – though it’s a bit of a faff and not recommended past 2-2.5 years – a hip carry.

Like all toddler carriers, it is not to be used for forward facing. Instead, your child has the option to ride with their arms free, over the top of the carriers; or they can snuggle down with the arms tucked inside (especially at naptime).  Simply adjust the height of the carrier so they can easily get their arms in and/or out.


Like the very similar Manduca XT, this preschool carrier features some clever little adjusters on the front of the shoulder straps. If you tighten these before putting your child on your back, they will sit high and snug on your back, giving them a more elevated position and view.

Much more entertaining than hanging low on your back and only seeing your shoulder blades. And comfier for you.


It features a helpful, removable sleep hood, which attaches with poppers. Once adjusted to fit your body, the leftover lengths of straps and webbing can be neatly rolled up and secured with the small elastic loops on the ends of them. So you’re left with a neat and streamlined carrier. 

But my favourite feature is the generous storage pocket with the waistband, with magnetic closure – perfect for your keys and phone. 

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Always follow the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing.

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