Lara & Ollie: Stylish baby-proof jewellery

Teething necklaces: Brighten up your Mum Wardrobe while safely occupying your teething baby.

Once you have a baby, wearing jewellery becomes a risky business. Necklaces will be grabbed, earrings yanked and watches chewed on. If you’re wearing your baby in a sling, at some point you’ll be subjected to having your hair grabbed with gusto and your chest (or face) clawed at by sharp little fingers.

Once your baby starts teething they’ll need to chomp and chew even more to soothe their sore gums.

So how do you keep little hands and sore mouths busy – and safe?

Teething jewellery!

We’ve tried a fair few ranges of teething jewellery but Wear My Baby has fallen head over heels in love with the gorgeous geometric designs from Lara & Ollie. 

Lara & Ollie was founded by Anna and Lesley, two mums in South East London. After relegating most of their jewellery and accessories to the backs of their wardrobes when they had their babies, they loved the concept of teething necklaces so much that they decided to make their own.

Encouraged by the positive feedback they received from local mums, they now have a wide range of beautiful necklaces for sale. We’re delighted to be stocking some of their bestsellers in our shop.

The geometric beads are non toxic and made from high-quality food grade silicone, making them safe for babies to chew on  – as well as being exceptionally beautiful.

So if you’d like something pretty-but-baby-proof from Santa this year, why not ask him for a Lara & Ollie necklace.

Lara & Ollie Teething Necklaces are available to buy now from our online shop for £15.75.

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