Izmi Baby Carrier Review

Here’s an easy summary of my Izmi Baby Carrier Review: It is simply the easiest and most lightweight newborn baby carrier on the market!

Designed by an expert babywearing consultant (and mum of two), it comes in organic cotton, cool mesh, and beautiful limited edition designs.

If you like the IDEA of a soft, fabric newborn wrap, but don’t want to have to bother with any tying: this is the carrier for you!


The Izmi Baby Carrier is suitable from 7lbs / 3.5kg –  but can safely used from 5lbs  so long are you’re carefully attending to the TICKS babywearing safety guidelines. While many carriers claim to be perfect ‘from newborn’, they’re often so big and bulky you’d need to wait a few weeks before your baby would safely fit in. No so the Izmi: it’s adjustable body panel cinches down super small so you can safely use it from baby’s first days – even hours!

The material is a soft brushed organic cotton which will feel lovely against your baby’s skin. It’s strong yet soft and flexible, supporting the weight of your baby, while giving the comfort of a fabric sling or wrap.

It does come with a removable cushion insert for babies under 8lbs (plus a handy storage bag); but to be honest it’s not needed and is rarely worth the faff. For babies under 9lbs, just make sure the waistband is  placed VERY  high on your body: right up under you breasts (mum) or around the bottok of your ribs (dads). That will ‘shrink’ the height of the carrier and ensure your baby is held high, safe, and close enough to kiss, with out the need to use the cushion. 

Here’s our 1 minute Izmi Baby Carrier review on YouTube: 



The Izmi is intuitive in a way that so many carriers are not! It is adaptable and adjustable without being fiddly. The width of the carrier is adjustable by simply opening up the waist strap, and adjusting the Velcro tabs inside to the correct width for your baby as they grow. The poppers along the top of the body panel can ne used to offer some ectra head support for sleeping babies, and to increase the height of the body panel as your baby gets taller. 

Now, it says on the box it’s suitable ‘until walking.’ It will be perfectly safe to use until 12months – or even longer for petite babies. But in the interests of giving an HONEST Izmi Baby Carrier review, I find that by around 5-6 months, both parents and babies tend to be comfier in a wider-based carriers (often with some padding) that better support your growing baby’s body. Here’s our suggestions for the best carriers to move on to at this stage. 


The Izmi Baby Carrier is loved by mums and dads, of all shapes and sizes. Petite mums, or anyone who wants to avoid a hot, bulky carrier, often find this is THE best  newborn carrier for them. 


There is no padding anywhere on the carrier. This may seem like a downside, but actually it is so well designed that padding really isn’t needed, as your baby’s weight is  evenly distributed around your body. 

The lack of padding makes it cool and wonderful for all seasons. The Breeze version features a cool mesh panel for extra ventilation for your baby; but to be honest even the regular cotton version will help keep you both cooler than almost any other carrier. 

The material is sewn in a way that cups your shoulders slightly. Evenly spreading your baby’s weight, this also prevents the crossing point of the shoulder straps from sliding up your back and towards your neck. You can also wear the straps rucksack style with straight straps if you prefer.


As well as parent-facing front carrying, you can wear the Izmi Baby Carrier on your hip from about 4months. This is super handy for nosey babies! In thoery you can carry your baby facing outwards in the Izmi. But because it lacks any bulky structure to, essentially, hold their weight and stop it pulling away from you, it’s unlikely to be super comfy in this front-facing position for very long (perhaps 20mins or so).

Many people will move onto an ergonomic carriers like the Ergobaby Omni Breeze at around 4-6 months if they’re keen on a front facing carrier. You can also back carry with it from 6months buy, again, other carriers ‘do’ back carrying  better. 



…. which is perfect from 7-9 months to around 3 years!


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Always follow the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing.

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Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace

One of the UK's top babywearing consultants, Hannah founded Wear My Baby in 2014. She has worked with over 10,000 families and has trained with Slingababy, the School of Babywearing and L'ecole A Porter.

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2 thoughts on “Izmi Baby Carrier Review”

  1. Natalie Baker-Gulliver

    Hi Hannah, How does this one compare to the Ergo Embrace. The embrace looks more comfy but then possible less head/neck support for the baby? Which is better for the adults back? What are your thoughts about the 2?

    Thanks so much


    1. Overall the Izmi suits more people, lasts longer and is more adjustable. The Embrace is made of ultra soft, marshmallowy fabric …. but overall the Izmi is a more versatile and popular carrier. Hope that helps?

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