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I’ve recently had the opportunity to get to know the Izmi Baby Carrier in great detail, helping new parents road test it at the Baby and Toddler Show last month. They left their pushchairs with the Izmi team, had an Izmi fitted by our consultants and went for a wander wearing the carrier.

This was a lovely job for several reasons. Firstly, it gave me the opportunity to meet a huge variety of people and lots of lovely babies!

Although our role was not to ‘sell’ the Izmi, it was difficult not to, as this baby carrier is amazingly versatile and has so many selling points.




The Izmi is intuitive in a way so many carriers are not. It is adaptable and adjustable without being fiddly. The base width of the carrier is infinitely adjustable by simply opening up the waist strap, and adjusting the Velcro tabs to the correct width for your baby to be comfortably supported knee to knee.

So from newborn to walking, the fit will be spot on!




The Izmi comes with an optional small pillow insert which also Velcros into the waist band. This ensures it is safe and does not slide out.

This newborn inserts acts like a little booster cushion. It brings your newborn a little higher so their head and face is visible above the top of the material.

The insert has also been designed in a lovely curved shape at the top, supporting the natural curve of a newborn baby’s tucked-up bottom and legs.

The material is a soft brushed cotton. Sturdy and strong, yet soft and flexible, supporting the weight of your baby, while giving the comfort of a fabric sling or wrap.




There is no padding anywhere on the carrier. This may put some people off, but is so well designed that padding really isn’t needed.

The weight of the baby is simply spread over the whole of the wearer’s body. You can spread the straps wide, dispersing the weight across your shoulders and back.

The material is sewn in a way that cups your shoulders slightly. Evenly spreading your baby’s weight, this also prevents the crossing point of the shoulder straps from sliding up your back and towards your neck

I LOVE this as it cleverly resolves the common ‘neck creeping’ issue where the straps cross at the back.

You can also wear the straps rucksack style with straight straps, if you prefer…or with baby on your hip…or on your front facing outwards (‘world-facing’)…or on your back. So many options!

The hood is designed with two poppers, so there are a few different ways it can be worn. It can be adapted to different heights. You can attach only one side to support the head while keeping the airway free. You can even roll up a muslin and popper it in to support a newborns head, or even just to store a muslin.




Overall, the Izmi is a fantastic and versatile carrier. Ideally suited for use from newborn to walking. It is especially good for that ‘tricky stage’ where a baby is felt to have outgrown their stretchy sling, but is still too small, or with too little muscle tone to fit happily into a more structured carrier.

So few soft structured carriers which claim to be suitable from birth truly are in reality. The Izmi is ideal for newborns from 7lbs (3.2kg), in a way not seen before in any other carrier.

This will be an enormously popular choice with parents keen to have a buckle carrier to use from birth; which both parents can wear; and will give the comfort of a wrap style sling.

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