Isara The One Baby Carrier Review

Here’s our independent Isara The One review, with all you need to know about this long-lasting, super adjustable baby-to-toddler carrier

Described as a fully adjustable ‘one size fits all’ buckled carrier suitable from birth to pre-schooler, it makes a very bold claim.

Can one carrier really do it all? After all, there are a number of baby carriers on the market advertised as from birth and beyond with varying levels of success.

So I was excited – and just a little dubious – to test this new carrier out. And I’m happy to report, it is truly excellent!


Our first thoughts when unpacking the Isara The One from its box were – wow, this feels really lovely!

Compared to many of its counterparts (the Ergobaby Omni 360, Tula Explore, Manduca XT, BabyBjorn Carrier One etc) the Isara really is buttery soft. This is mainly due to the fact it’s made from organic woven wrap fabric.  This also means that it comes in a nice selection of very stylish designs.

It has a structured, padded waistband made of memory foam. It’s surprisingly light and almost fluffy feeling, so it doesn’t feel like its digging in.



It’s true the Isara One is SUPER adjustable. It’s weight tested for babies from just 6.6lbs (3kg) up to 44lb (20kg). Between us, the Wear My Baby team has tried it with a range of children including 2 week, 18 month, 4 year and 6 year olds. So with a bit of fiddling, you can get a really good fit across a huge range of ages and sizes.

If you want a very simple and lightweight carrier that you can get out of the box and go, then you might find this a bit fiddly to adjust. BUT once you have mastered which settings suit you, it’s simple enough.

Whilst not as simple as the uber-lightweight Izmi and Connecta carriers, the Isara is lighter and softer than other multi-adjustable structured carriers of its kind.  So if you like the idea of lightweight but prefer the extra padding and support that make many of the big name carriers popular, then we think this is a great option.

isara the one baby toddler carrier review uk

The base of the body panel cinches down to a pretty narrow width to suit a newborn whilst the rather snazzy pre-school booster attachments make it wide enough to accommodate an average preschooler – or in our case a small 6 year old!

It has clever, adjustable length shoulder straps (not seen on any other carrier) which makes it usable for tall, plus size, small and petite wearers.

The chest strap/back strap is really easy to tighten and allows for quite a tight fit. The shoulder straps give you the option to do them up rucksack style or crossed over at your back.

Isara The One’s panel adjusters make it easy to change the height of the carrier to accommodate different size children. It is also handy for breastfeeding in the carrier and provides a bit of coverage if you want it.  We liked shortening the panel to allow baby to have arms out as an alternative to facing outwards, which is one position that is not possible in this carrier.

isara the one baby toddler carrier review uk


We struggled to find many negatives for the Isara One carrier. But if pushed, we might say it’s perhaps a bit too adjustable.

Now, this is grasping at straws slightly as its adjustability is also its main selling point. But it can take a bit of time initially and a lot of fiddling to get the strap lengths and buckles set to your size and preferences.

So if, like me, you prefer to just click and go in light-speed time then you may find this a touch frustrating.  However, once adjusted, this  carrier is incredibly supportive and definitely has the potential to be extremely comfortable on a wide range of mums and dads. There’s definitely nothing else quite like it!


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Rebecca Ford

Rebecca Ford

Rebecca is a midwife and Senior Consultant with Wear My Baby. She is based in Beckenham and provides expert babywearing advice across Beckenham, Bromley, Sydenham, Croydon and North Kent. You can get babywearing advice from Rebecca at the regular Wear My Baby Beckenham Pop Up or by booking a Consultation.

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4 thoughts on “Isara The One Baby Carrier Review”

  1. Can I ask how this compares to
    the Mamaruga Zensling? I’ve got a Zensling on loan from a library at the moment but am not sure it’s for me? It may be that having been so used to my stretchy wrap and loving wearing it, I’m just not ready for a carrier yet though?!

    1. Hi Claire. The Zensling is one of VERY few stretchy carriers around, so almost no carriers will feel *as* similar to your stretchy wrap as that one. Most people find that by 3-6months, baby’s weight and wiggliness will mean anything stretchy doesn’t give an optimal level of support, hence moving on to non-stretchy (but still super soft) carriers like the Isara the One. Which is really amazing to wear. How old is your little one at the moment?

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