Getting Baby on your Back: Try a Podaegi

Just when you think you know all the types of baby carriers, another one pops up. About 2 years ago I was asked if I had a ‘pod.’ A what?

It turns out a Podegi, or ‘pod’ is a very simple and ingenious baby carrier. A traditional Korean carrier, it’s basically a mei tai without a waist straps. It’s made of a rectangular blanket with shoulder straps attached to the top corners and it’s BRILLIANT for back carries.  (It has a cousin called the Onbuhimo, or ‘onbu’, but we’ll save that for another blog).

It’s lack of waistband make it ideal for babywearing while pregnant or for anyone who finds the waistband of their carrier  a bit ‘diggy.’ If you use a woven wrap and tie Tibetan you’ll probably like pods.

They can be made from cotton canvas or woven wrap fabric and are very versatile. They can be used for almost any size of baby or older child and can be tied in a plethora of ways. They are easy to get the hang of, too.  So if you’re struggling with the seat of your ruck or are struggling to get your buckled carrier tight enough, you might want to give a pod a whirl.

My model here is a nearly 5-month old Joey. He’s happy as a pig in mud in this pod, because it’s super quick to ‘superman’ him onto my back and secure him by bringing the shoulder straps under his bum and under each leg without having to make a seat first.

Even small babies can be positioned nice and high so they get a great view, rather than staring at your shoulder blades.

There are few ready made pods on the market but Carrie at Rock Solid Slings makes beautiful ones. The pod in the picture is made from a gorgeous rainbow JumpSac woven wrap and has lovely wide wrap-style straps that spread nice and evenly over the shoulders. It’s one of our current favourite 5 o’clock carriers, helping me to cook dinner for a big boy when the little one is tired and needs cuddles.

Why not come to our next Sling Meet and have a play with it?

Hire and buy pods from Rock Solid Slings.

Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace

Owner & Consultant at Wear My Baby
Hannah Wallace founded Wear My Baby in 2014. She is an experienced Babywearing Consultant and has trained with Slingababy, the School of Babywearing and L'ecole A Porter.
Hannah Wallace
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