Easy Feel Extend Plus Carrier Review

The Easy Feel Extend Plus Carrier is a simply amazing toddler, preschool, and big kid carrier. With its soft woven fabric and versatility, it lives up to its name. It’s one of my new go-to favourites for parents of toddlers who want to carry for an extended time and don’t want to have to upsize their carrier!

The Easy Feel Extend Plus carrier is available now. We ship worldwide with FREE delivery to the UK.

As a mum of three children, all worn from birth well into their preschool years, as well as having run a sling library and helping many families as a babywearing consultant, I know a versatile and well made carrier when I see one. The Easy Feel Extend Plus Carrier is definitely that!

My youngest, who is not carried often these days at 7 years old and 28kg, was thrilled when the carrier arrived for us to put it through the paces. We loved the soft feel and found it to be supportive and comfortable for us both! We took it out for a trial run up to London and the local woods as a family who love our walks.

The carrier is well made and I’m sure it will stand the test of time lasting for many years. Constructed from super-soft woven fabric with top quality buckles and components. It is lightly padded offering support and comfort without too much structure. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns with something to suit everyone.

The Easy Feel Extend Plus Carrier has a simple easily adjustable body panel with Velcro to keep it in place.  The seat width reduces easily to 25cm, and can be extended to 50cm.

I really like it for back carries in particular as the padded, adjustable length straps and adjustable panel make for a secure, comfortable ride for toddlers. 

The upper weight limit is 29kg which my youngest isn’t far off at 7 years old but there was definitely plenty of room for him to grow. At its widest setting, he was snuggled up and fully supported from knee pit to knee pit.

 The Easy Feel Extend Plus Carrier offers all the usual carrying positions: front carrying, back carrying and on the hip although I found it to be a bit bulky in this position. It’s not to be used for front facing outwards but I find that a high back carry or arms out usually satisfies a nosy toddler and this carrier does both well.

An important design feature is the ability to wear the shoulder straps in both crossover and “H” or rucksack style in a front carry as in our house we have very different body shapes and so preferences. It is simple to put on and take off whichever way you wear it.

 It is super adjustable and seems to fit a wide range of body shapes so far in our library.

Other features are an adjustable hood which tucks away, perfect fit adjusters on the shoulder straps with dual adjust buckles and webbing which can be neatly rolled up and secured with the small elastic loops found on the end leaving one with a neat and streamlined carrier.

Now that I’ve told you all about the things I love, what about the downsides? To be honest, it’s difficult to find a downside other than the fact it isn’t suitable for babies under 18 months. A good value for money carrier that truly will take you to the end of your babywearing journey allowing you to carry your child as long as you would like!

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