Didymos DidySnap Baby Carrier Review

The DidySnap Carrier combines beautiful Didymos woven fabrics with a convenient, click-and-go carrier. It is advertised as fitting from newborn to toddler, with padded waist and buckled straps offering multiple carrying positions.

We’ve loved the beautiful Didymos woven wrap fabrics for many years. This much-lovedGerman babywearing brand makes high-quality, organic wraps that feel and look fantastic. So there’s no doubt that we’re already swooning over the gorgeous fabric choices, but how does the DidySnap hold up as a carrier? Is it as easy, comfortable and adjustable as they claim?

We’ve put the DidySnap to the test to find out.

DidySnap Carrier Fabric and Feel 

The DidySnap is made from soft 100% organic cotton, specially woven to flex and snug to support your baby, whatever their shape.

This makes the carrier feel really soft, mouldable and lightweight – without the bulkiness of big brand names like the Ergobaby and BabyBjorn carriers. 

The fabric panel and straps are made with 100% organic woven cotton, so it’s kind to your baby’s skin, with no hard parts to rub or dig into your baby’s skin.

DidySnap Carrier Fit and Features 

The DidySnap offers 3 parent facing carrying positions: front, hip and back.  We really like it for back carries in particular as the padded, adjustable length straps make for a secure, comfortable ride for babies from around 6months+. 

The width of this carrier is really easy to adjust – it goes narrow for small babies and wide enough to support a toddler.  The height is adjustable to a degree by cinching the seat of the carrier using a drawstring.  This is reasonably effective in reducing the size of the seat for smaller babies, but not as easy as some other carriers.  It’s also not possible to extend the height for toddlers.

The DidySnap offers plenty of adjustability to fit a wide range of parents.  As well as being able to adjust the length of the shoulder straps, you can buckle them in both backpack and crossed straps styles for a front carry.  There’s also soft pads that sit under the webbing where it fits around your body; this isn’t something we’ve seen in other carriers and is a nice feature to add that little extra comfort.

Another less common feature is that you can fasten the shoulder straps to the body panel in two locations – either under the baby’s bottom, or to the sides.  This offers yet another way to adjust the seat of the carrier to fit different age babies.

Perfect for Mums with Larger Breasts

The shoulder straps can be attached to the body panel, like all regular baby carriers. BUT the DidySnap also gives you the option of attaching the shoulder straps to the centre of the waistband. This clever configuration means there’ll be no straps near your breasts, so nothing to dig in or cause any discomfort, and making this carrier ideal for mums with breasts that are large for their frame.

DidySnap Carrier Downsides

As with all soft-structured buckle carriers, different brands and models suit different people so the DidySnap may not be the perfect fit for everyone.  It’s very wide padded shoulder straps may feel bulky for some. However, the carrier is adjustable to fit a wide range of adult shapes, including being able to adjust the shoulder strap length.

Didymos claim this carrier is suitable from newborn; we found that whilst it adjusts to safely support some newborns, it’s best fitted once a baby is a few weeks old.  The DidySnap is width adjustable, but for bigger toddlers it is not possible to increase the height of the panel.  This means that the back of the carrier may not support high enough up the back of your toddler, especially if they are tall; but it will last until at least 18month

If you love woven wraps, and the gorgeous designs of Didymos fabrics then the DidySnap will definitely appeal to you. 

Our Overall Verdict

As a semi structured carrier it is more adjustable than many others on the market, and particularly lovely for mums with larger breast..  It is soft and snuggly for your baby and the wide padded straps make it comfortably supportive and padded for you.

A solidly performing full buckle carrier, convenient for everyone and – we’ll say it again – an increasing range of gorgeous fabric options we’re swooning over!

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