Soshanna Hayhoe

Wear My Baby Canterbury

Senior Consultant

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While distancing restrictions are in place, Soshanna is Currently offering postal hires, contactless sling hire and video consultations and check-ins.  All the details on the Wear My Baby Canterbury facebook page or contact

Soshanna started babywearing 14 years ago and has carried all three of her children. She trained and qualified and Consultant with the School of Babywearing in 2016 after a decade of running sling meets and volunteering at sling libraries. She has also trained with Slingababy In 2019. Alongside her Consultancy work, she run the non-profit East Kent Slings and its large team of volunteers.

She describes babywearing as 'a lifesaver' when her youngest child was unwell for his first two years. She still occasionally carries him now at seven years old when he gets tired legs while out on long walks or hiking. It brings her great joy to enable others to carry their children of all ages, too.

Soshanna is based near Canterbury and covers the East Kent region.

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