Can I Use a Baby Carrier After a C-Section?

Is it safe to use a baby carrier after a c-section (caesarian birth)?

Yes! In those first weeks after a C-section, you’ll be more comfortable in a carrier WITHOUT a thick, structured waistband. A simple stretchy wrap like a Hana Baby Organic Wrap, Freerider Sling or Izmi Baby Wrap, or the lightweight Izmi Baby Carrier will be ideal. Worn correctly (nice and tight!) they keep your baby’s weight well away from your lower abdomen and scar area. After 6-12 weeks you may feel ready to move onto a more structured carrier, like an Ergobaby Omni.

When can I start carrying my baby after a c-section?

Take it slow. If you can, get other family or friends to carry your baby in your sling or carrier for you in the first days and weeks. Some mums will feel able to babywear after a few weeks. For others, it may be months, and a rare few feel ready within days!

Listen to your body and seek medical advice as needed. Start GENTLY:  just 10 mins of carrying to start with, then build up very SLOWLY, as your body and muscles recover from significant abdominal surgery.

You can live chat with us below – or book a video call. Our video consultations enable my expert team and I to discuss your family’s needs, assess which carriers will suit your body shapes, and demonstrate baby carriers that we’d recommend for you. If you’ve already got a sling or carrier, we can help you with that as well.

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Freerider Slings (from £59) are lovely to use after a c-section.
Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace founded Wear My Baby in 2014. She is an experienced Babywearing Consultant and has trained with Slingababy, the School of Babywearing and L'ecole A Porter.

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