The Best Baby Carriers 2022

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Top picks from our Experts:

Best Overall: Ergobaby Omni Breeze & Manduca XT

From Birth: Izmi Baby Carrier & Ergobaby Omni Breeze

Best for Forward Facing: Ergobaby Omni Cool Air Mesh & Ergobaby Omni Breeze

Best for Back Carrying: Cococho & Lenny Lamb Upgrade

Compact and Lightweight: Izmi Baby and Toddler Carriers & Mini Sling

Soft Newborn Wraps: Coracor Wrap & Freerider Sling

Best for Petite Mums:
Izmi Baby Carrier & Manduca XT

Best for Plus Size Mums: Manduca XT & Lenny Lamb Upgrade

Which baby carrier brand is best? What’s the best baby carrier for breastfeeding, after a c-section, or for carrying a toddler on your hip?

Whatever type of baby carrier you need, we’ve reviewed and selected the best on the market.

Here’s my ultimate guide to the best baby carriers for 2022.

TOP TIP: How well your baby carrier is adjusted is just as important as which one you buy! That’s why we offer a free video fit check with every purchase from Wear My Baby.


Best Baby Carriers Overall

  1. Ergobaby Omni Breeze £174.90
  2. Izmi Baby Carrier from £60
  3. Manduca XT from £149
  4. Lenny Lamb Upgrade from £125
  5. Beco Gemini Cool from £105

These 5 get the prestigious title of all-round Best Baby Carriers because they’re easy to use and comfortably fit all Mums and Dad. Plus they’re highly adjustable so will grow with your baby.

These carriers are easy to share between parents, even if the parents are of very different shapes and sizes! We’ve worked with thousands of parents, and these carriers get the biggest smiles, comfiest backs, and best reviews.

The Ergobaby Omni Breeze (£174.90) is the best multi-position carrier on the market and will realistically last until your baby is 2 years old. If you want your baby to be able to face forwards (from 4-12m), go for this one.

The Manduca XT (from £149), Lenny Lamb Upgrade and Lenny Lamb Upgrade Mesh (from £125) carriers are superb all-rounders: supportive without being bulky and will last until your baby is 2 years (Lenny Lamb Upgrade) or 3 years+ (Manduca XT)!

Both fit mums from UK size 6 to 24. If you’re happy to carry your baby on your front and back, and you’re not fussed about your baby facing outwards, go for one of these.

How do you choose? It’s mainly about the look and feel of the fabric. The Lenny Lamb Upgrade is made from marshmallow-soft woven fabric, and comes in a huge variety of colours and designs. The Mesh version is identical, but with a breathable mesh panel for extra ventilation for hot climates.

The Manduca XT is slightly sleeker and made from 100% organic cotton canvas.

The Izmi Baby Carrier (£60) is ultra-light and packs down small, so perfect for wearing both at home and outside. You’ll happily live in this until your baby is around 5-6 months.

The Beco Gemini Cool (£105) is a great all-rounder from 0-15 months. It’s sleek, simple, easy to use like the Izmi Baby Carrier but with a more supportive waistband.

Best Baby Carriers from Birth

  1. Ergobaby Omni Breeze £174.90
  2. Izmi Baby Carrier from £60
  3. Beco Gemini Cool £105
  4. BabyBjorn Harmony £190
  5. Tula Explore £154.90

Our best newborn baby carriers to use from birth are all suitable from 7.5lb/3.2kg. I do love soft baby wraps for newborns, but these click-and-go newborn carriers are just so easy to get the hang of.

The Ergobaby Omni Breeze (£174.90) is one of my absolute favourites. To be fair, the whole Ergobaby Omni range is great, but the Breeze is the best for newborns as it cinches down smaller than all the others, but still lasts just as long – to around 1.5 to 2yrs.

The Izmi Baby Carrier is one of my top picks because it’s SO simple and ideal from 5lbs (2.3kg). So you can go straight from womb to carrier! This lightweight carrier is comfy enough to wear at home and supportive enough to wear for days out.

Although weight tested up to 15kg (33lbs), by about 5-6 months it won’t feel as supportive as other carriers, so you’ll need to size up. But it’s still totally worth it for those first months, especially as it’s great value for money (RRP £80, currently £60).

The Beco Gemini Cool (£105) is kind of a stripped-down version of the Ergobaby Omni Breeze: thick padded waistband but nice and light on your shoulders. If you’ve got a smaller budget, or just want a very neat-looking carrier, this is a superb mid-range option.

The Tula Explore (£154.90) is very similar to the Breeze, but comes in much funkier colours and designs; and the waistband is a bit chunkier, so better for average to plus size Mums.

GOOD TO KNOW: All my Best Baby Carriers tend to fit all dads as, generally, men tend to have ‘easier’ rectangular torsos – i.e. fewer boob, waist and hip contours to consider!

If you like the look and feel of a more outdoorsy-looking, structured baby carrier then check out the BabyBjorn Harmony (£190). It’s THE best of all the BabyBjorn carriers – and believe me, I’ve spent a lot of years adjusting BabyBjorn carriers!

It’ll keep you going until 12 months (absolutely not the 3-4yrs they claim) and has masses of firm back support.

It’s almost identical to the bestselling BabyBjorn Carrier One Air but better, with softer fabric and a more contoured shape. But due to the internal harness, this is NOT one for mums with big boobs or anyone who get hot very easily.

Best Baby Carriers for Forward Facing

  1. Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh £164.90
  2. Ergobaby Omni Breeze £174.90
  3. Ergobaby Omni Dream £174.90
  4. Tula Explore £154.90
  5. Baby Bjorn Harmony £190

Many parents love to be able to carry their babies facing outwards so they can see what’s going on. Ergobaby Omni Carriers (from £164.90) make the best baby carriers for front-facing because they have an ergonomic, bucket-shaped seat for your baby to sit in.

This means your baby will sit deeply into the carrier, with their knees held higher up than their bum. This position is not only best for their hip development; but as their body is so well supported, they’ll actually feel lighter. Your back will breathe a sigh of relief.

They’re also superb for parent-facing cuddles and work as back carriers, too.

The Tula Explore (£154.90) is very similar to the Ergobaby Omni range, though the ‘bucket’ bit of the seat isn’t quite so generously sized. So if your baby has deliciously chunky thighs, you’ll be slightly better off with an Ergobaby. The Harmony is definitely the best forwards-facing BabyBjorn, both for you and your baby.

TOP TIP: You can carry your baby front-facing from around 4 to 12 months. After this they’ll feel too heavy when facing out, as their weight will by pulling away from you.

instead turn them back to face you, but with their arms out of the carrier so they don’t feel restricted; or try back or hip carrying.

Here’s all you need to know about forwards-facing carrying.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh, £164.90

Best Baby Backpack Carriers

  1. Cococho Baby Carrier £159
  2. LittleLife Traveller S4 Carrier from £129
  3. Lenny Lamb Upgrade & Preschool Carriers from £125/ £139
  4. Tula Free to Grow £119
  5. Manduca XT from £149

If your child is feeling too heavy on your front, why not try a back carrier.

My favourite backpack carriers all double up as front carriers so you’ll be getting 2 carriers for 1 (apart from the LittleLife, which only works on your back.)

All are more lightweight and practical than those heavy, framed back carriers– which are good if you are tall, have broad shoulders and you’re regularly climbing up mountains with a camping kit, but they’re enormously bulky and rarely fit mums well.

The Cococho Carrier (£159) has all you need from a hiking baby carrier and an everyday carrier. You can even use it indoors. Thanks to the internal harness within its outer shell, you simply secure your baby inside and swing them up onto your back, before securing the waistband.

You can back carry with the Cococho as early as 4 months until 3-4 years, to a max weight of 40lb (18kg); compared to the minimum 6 months that your baby will need to be for all other back carriers.  

The LittleLife Traveller S4 Carrier is a superb back carrier, ideal for babies from 6 months old to 24 months. It’s mega practical: essentially a rucksack with two big compartments – one for your stuff and one for your baby. Perfect for long walks when you have lots of things to carry. Unlike big heavy framed hiking carriers, this truly fits mums and dads comfortably.

I love the Lenny Lamb Upgrade (up to 2 yrs), Lenny Lamb Preschool (15 m to 7 yrs) and Manduca XT (up to 3 yrs) for piggyback rides. They all work better as back carriers than Ergobaby carriers.

Why? They’ve all got little adjusters on their shoulder straps. When you pull these tight the shoulder straps get shorter, positioning your baby higher on your back. This means a better view for your child, better weight distribution, and happier shoulders for you.

The Tula Toddler Carrier (£129) is a super simple and comfy back carrier for 2 to 4-year-olds. Faff-free and one of my all-time favourites.

Cococho Carrier, £159

Best Lightweight Baby Carriers for Travel

  1. Izmi Breeze Baby Carrier from £60
  2. Tula Lite £79.90
  3. Lenny Lamb Upgrade Mesh from £125
  4. Integra Solar Carrier (3 sizes) from £85
  5. Minimonkey Mini Sling £39

Need a lightweight baby carrier? A compact baby carrier you can keep in your bag, just in case? Something thin, non-bulky and breathable for holidays and hot days? A great value extra carrier? These are the best around.

Top Tip: I always advise parents to get a super-supportive, all-seasons, everyday carrier first, like my favorite Ergobaby Omni Breeze. Then get one of these budget-friendly, ultra-light carriers for hot days and travelling.

As they’re much less padded, ultra-light carriers tend to be worn for slightly shorter periods, but they’ll save your sanity on really hot sweaty days!

Izmi Baby (0-6m+)has always been my favourite lightweight newborn carrier.

Then they bought out the even-cooler Izmi Baby Breeze version, with ventilated soft mesh panels to keep your baby cool. Genius. Currently on offer at Wear My Baby for just £60.

The Tula Lite (from 3-15 months) deserves to win some kind of design award. This soft, simple front-and-back carrier packs away into its own integrated, wearable waist bag (bumbag). Which also doubles up as a storage pouch when the carrier is in use. Great value at £79.90 and oh-so-handy.

Lenny Lamb Upgrade Mesh (£125) gives you the exceptional, all-day comfort of a well-padded carrier; but with a cool, ventilated soft-mesh panel to keep your baby cool. It’s a superb have-your-cake-and-eat-it carrier for all seasons, great from 1 month to 2 years.

Integra Solar Carriers come in baby, toddler and preschool sizes. This simple, stripped-back carrier has crossable straps, a barely-there waistband, and quick-drying UV protective fabric.

I love Integras for front carrying – I can barely feel I’m wearing it – and it’s reasonable as a back carrier. If you’re not a fan of bulky waistbands, you’re likely to enjoy these ones. Like the Izmi, Integras also come in standard cotton versions, which are also very light to wear.

The one-shoulder, mesh Minimonkey Mini Sling fits into the palm of your hand and is ideal for quick up and downs from 0 to 12/18 months. Like the Integra Solar, it’s quick-drying and ideal for both splashing around the beach and pottering around the house. At £39 it’s a no-brainer.

izmi baby carrier review
Izmi Breeze Baby Carrier, from £60

Best Baby Wraps

  1. Coracor Baby Wrap £69.90
  2. Izmi Baby Wrap £49
  3. Hana Baby Organic Wrap £44
  4. Freerider Sling from £58
  5. Close Caboo + Organic Carrier £69.95

Stretchy baby wraps are perfect for newborns and premature babies. Incredibly supportive and dreamily soft, all of these baby wraps are one-size-fits-all and perfect for mums and dads. Simply tie the baby wrap around your body and pop your baby in and out as needed.

Coracor (£69.90), Izmi Baby (£49) and Hana Baby Organic (£44) wraps stretch in two directions, making them both easy to wear and supportive. If baby carriers are like jeans, these stretchy wraps are like really comfy leggings!

The organic cotton Coracor Baby Wrap tops my list thanks to its quality and stunning Scandi designs, closely followed by the bamboo Izmi Baby Wrap, which feels almost silky and cool to the touch, and is naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.

The Hana Baby Organic Wrap is a blend of organic cotton and bamboo and is a great all-rounder. It’s also the only wrap to come in a ‘shorty’ size alongside their standard size, which is ideal for very petite mums (under 5’2″ / UK size 6-8)

Freerider Slings (from £58) are ultra-thin but offer more firm-feeling support (as they stretch in one direction only) and are made from sustainably made silky-soft Tencel fabric.

The Close Caboo + Organic is a pre-made wrap in two parts: put it on like a t-shirt and secure your baby in place by pulling the fabric through two rings. These are a perfect choice for those who like the idea of a wrap, but don’t fancy all the tying.

The Caboo – or any stretchy wrap – is a much MUCH better alternative to the much-marketed Baby K’Tan. The Baby Ktan comes in fixed sizes, so is notoriously difficult to get a safe, comfy fit.

These Best Baby Wraps are theoretically safe to use with a toddler, but realistically by about 3-4 months, a non-stretchy carrier will be more supportive for your heavier, wiggly baby.

You will need to practice with your stretchy wrap a couple of times to get confident. But, speaking as someone who has naturally rubbish hand-eye coordination, I promise it’s pretty straightforward and 100% worth it. A bit like learning to tie your shoelaces.

Here’s my handy how-to video to show you how to safely and easily use any stretchy wrap.

Best Hip Carriers

  1. Minimonkey Mini Sling £39
  2. Scootababy £79
  3. Little Frog Ring Sling from £61.95
  4. Hippychick Hip Seat £39.95
  5. Lenny Lamb Ring Sling £69

These hip carriers are ideal for quick-up-and-downs, and for nosey babies from 4 months and up.

The elegant ring slings from Little Frog (from £61.95) and Lenny Lamb (from £69) are made of one piece of fabric with two rings sewn into one end, making a sash-shaped sling that is worn over one shoulder.

Lightweight and quick to put on and off, both brands manage to combine high-quality fabrics and beautiful patterns with great value prices. (Rings slings also work well as a breastfeeding aid and can be used as front carriers from birth).

As your baby’s weight will be distributed over one side of your body, ring slings tend to be worn for shorter periods of time. They require a bit of practice to get the hang of so check out my baby ring sling tutorials on YouTube.

If you fancy an easier shortcut, get the £39 MiniSling. It’s essentially a breathable mesh ring sling, without the rings. Instead there are 2 simple straps that you pull to secure your baby. East peasy.

If you want to carry a heavier child on your hip (from 5 months to 2.5 years) then you won’t find better than the Scootababy (£79). Its padded waistband and stretchy, spreadable shoulder strap will take the strain so your back and arms don’t have to.

The Hippychick Hip Seat (£39.95) offers a handy perch for your baby’s bottom, ideal if you don’t have a big waist-to-hip ratio. I refer to this one as a carrying aid, rather than a carrier: it’s not a hands-free option, but it will give you one hand free to Get Stuff Done.

Best Baby Carriers after a C-Section

  1. Izmi Baby Wrap, £49
  2. Izmi Baby Carrier, from £60
  3. Hana Baby Wrap, from £42
  4. Close Caboo + Organic, £69.95
  5. Ergobaby Embrace, £79

In those first weeks after a C-section, you’ll be more comfortable in a baby carrier without a thick, structured waistband. A simple stretchy wrap like a Izmi Baby Wrap or Hana Baby Wrap or the super-easy Close Caboo + Organic will be ideal.

If you want something to click-and-go or just don’t fancy wrapping, go for either the lightweight Izmi Baby Carrier or the marshmallowy soft (but slightly less adjustable) Ergobaby Embrace.

Worn correctly (nice and tight!), all of these keep your baby’s weight well away from your lower abdomen and scar area. After 6-12 weeks you may feel ready to move onto a more structured carrier.

Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding

  1. Little Frog Ring Sling from £61.95
  2. Lenny Lamb Ring Sling £69
  3. Minimonkey Mini Sling £39.95
  4. Izmi Baby Carrier from £60

Ring slings make ideal breastfeeding aids, like my favourites from Little Frog, Lenny Lamb and Minimonkey – though most parents find there’s a bit of a knack to using them, so it will take some practice.

As these are one-shouldered sling that tends to be used for quick up-and-downs, most parents are more likely to get a ring sling as well as an everyday, conventional baby carrier.

I often tell parents it’s best to choose a baby carrier or sling for everyday use, then work out how to feed in it – rather than the other way round.

You can, in theory, breastfeed in any baby wrap and almost all baby carriers; the exception being BabyBjorn Carriers and budget baby carriers like the Infantino Flip, which will much be harder to breastfeed in due to their internal harnesses.

Anything lightweight, like the Izmi Baby Carrier, will be easier to get to grips with. Any babywearing can help with breastfeeding, thanks to all the oxytocin that starts flowing when you hold your baby close!

But no carrier is MAGICALLY going to suddenly make breastfeeding a doddle if you’re still working at it. Most mums will benefit from breastfeeding support at some point on their breastfeeding journey; do check out La Leche League for phone and online advice and in-person support.

How easy it is to feed in a sling or carrier depends on many factors:

Your baby’s latch, their age, the size of your breasts, the position of your nipples, the length of your baby compared to the length of your torso…. it really is an art, not a science!

There is no hands-free breastfeeding option for a newborn. You’ll still need at least one hand/arm to support your baby – at least until they can hold on themselves (often from around 6 months+) But having one hand free is better than no hands, right?

If you’re breastfeeding in a baby carrier, it’s usually easiest to feed with your baby upright. Loosen all the buckles, shuffle your baby down and guide your breast to your baby. You’ll need a top that can be pulled down or unbuttoned for easy access.

If you prefer to feed with your baby in a more horizontal position, you might want to use a ring sling or stretchy wrap.

REMEMBER: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BREASTFEED IN A SLING! I’m constantly asked “what’s the best baby carrier for breastfeeding? I need my hands back!’ But in those early weeks, it could well be more hassle than it’s worth.

Once breastfeeding is well-established, it becomes much easier. If you can, it’s best to wait until you’re reasonably comfy and confident using your sling; and reasonably comfy and confident breastfeeding; before you try and combine the two.

In the meantime, try to focus on the best ‘position’ for feeding, rather than the best baby carrier for breastfeeding. This is likely to be on a chair, bed or sofa, with lots of cushions, water, cake, your mobile phone, and the TV remote!

Best Baby Carriers for Petite Mums

  1. Manduca XT from £149
  2. Ergobaby Omni Breeze £174.90
  3. Izmi Baby Carrier from £60
  4. Beco Gemini Cool £105
  5. Lenny Lamb Upgrade from £125

Petite mums often come to me for advice because the carrier they’re using feels too big, bulky or cumbersome.

 If you’re a UK size 8-10 or below, or you’re 5’2” / 158cm or under, these are my top recommendations for you.

These best baby carriers for petite mums are very adjustable, so will still be perfect for taller, broader parents: so no need to buy a separate one for Dad.

If you’re a petite mum looking to carry from birth, there’s nothing neater than the Izmi Baby Carrier (£80, currently £60). Zero bulk, no padding, it hugs neatly around your body and is perfect for wearing indoors and outside. It will easily take you from day one to around 6 months (though safety tested for much heavier babies).

The Manduca XT (from £149, 1 month to 3yrs) and Lenny Lamb Upgrade (from £125, 1 month to 2 yrs) are more long-lasting baby carriers for petite mums.

If you’re keen on the idea of back carrying – as many shorter mums are, as eventually it can get hard to see over a baby who’s on your chest – go for one of these.

If you’re a petite mum who wants the option to carry your baby facing outwards, I’d 100% recommend the Ergobaby Omni Breeze (£174.90, from newborn to 2 years) or, for a more slimline and budget-conscious carrier, the Beco Gemini Cool (£105, newborn to 12/15months).

Best Baby Carriers for Plus-Size Mums

  1. Tula Explore £154.90
  2. Lenny Lamb Upgrade from £125
  3. Lenny Lamb Hybrid Half Buckle Carrier from £119
  4. Manduca XT from £149
  5. Didymos DidySnap from £139

Most baby carriers on the market will comfortably suit dads up to size XL, and mums up to a UK size 16-18.

Here are my best baby carriers for plus size parents, which are suitable for mums up to a UK size 24 and most dads up to size XXL.

If you’re a plus-size parent looking for a neat, long-lasting carrier that you can use from birth, I recommend the Tula Explore (£154.90). It offers all the carrying positions and will last from the earliest newborn days until 18 months.

The Lenny Lamb Upgrade (from £125) and Manduca XT (from £149) are beautiful carriers for parent-facing front carrying, taking you from your baby’s first weeks until 2-3 years.

These are soft and mouldable, with extra adjustability for parents from petite to plus size. If two adults with very different heights and or body shapes want to share one carrier, either of these will make your life a whole lot easier

For ultimate comfort, check out the Lenny Lamb Hybrid Half Buckle Carrier (from £119; there’s a preschool version for big kids, too).

It features a contoured waistband and wide, spreadable shoulder straps. The whole thing wraps seamlessly around your body like a big hug. Amazingly supportive for your back, no clips or buckles to dig in, and dreamily soft.

If you’re a big-chested mum, be sure to check out the Didymos Didysnap (from £139). Its clever straps and buckle placement options mean there’s nothing to dig into your breasts. You’ll get a supportive waistband and a beautiful range of fabric designs to boot.

Tula Explore Baby Carrier, £154.90

Best Baby Carriers for Premature Babies

  1. Hana Baby Organic Wrap £44
  2. Izmi Baby Wrap £49

Hana Baby Organic Wraps (£44) and Izmi Baby Wraps (£49) are an absolute dream for snuggles from 5lbs / 2.2kg. Do these up nice and tight and you’ll have a very happy baby and very comfy parents!

If you’ve got support from a local babywearing educator then these can also be used for even smaller babies, and for twins. Remember to ensure you’re sticking to the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing, which is especially important for very small babies.

Best Tie-On Baby Carriers

  1. Lenny Lamb Hybrid Half Buckle Carrier from £119
  2. Didymos DidyKlick from £130
  3. Didymos DidyTai from £129
  4. Lenny Lamb Toddler Wrap Tai from £124.95

Love the idea of a soft fabric carrier for a bigger baby? Love your stretchy wrap but your baby’s getting too heavy for it?  One of these tie-on carriers will suit you down to the ground.

They suit every body shape and work for front and back carrying, combining the soft adjustability of a wrap with the convenience of a carrier.

They all have wide shoulder straps made from woven fabric, which cup your shoulders and spread out across your back. Even very heavy babies will feel surprisingly light, as their weight is distributed evenly around the whole of your body.

For those who prefer a carrier without buckles, I love the nice-and-light Didymos DidyTai (from £129, ideal from 1 month to 2 years) and the bigger, more marshmallowy Lenny Lamb Toddler Wrap Tai (from £124.95, 15 months to 5 years).

The Didymos DidyKlick (from £130, ideal from 1 month to 2 years) and Lenny Lamb Hybrid Half Buckle Carrier (from £119, ideal from 1 month to 2.5 years) are even easier to use.

They both have lightly padded, click-and-go waistbands for extra lumbar support, making them speedier to put on and extra comfy for back carrying.

Best Toddler Carriers

  1. Tula Toddler Carrier £129
  2. Lenny Lamb Preschool Carrier from £139
  3. Manduca XT from £149
  4. Izmi Toddler Carrier from £60
  5. Cococho Baby Carrier £159

Having a supportive toddler carrier is SO much easier than having to take a buggy out with you, in case their little legs get tired.  Just because your toddler can walk, doesn’t mean they will walk at the speed, duration or direction you want them to!  These 5 best toddler carriers all work as back and front carriers.

The Tula Toddler Carrier (£129) is a fuss-free, easy toddler carrier that’s ideal from 2 to 4 years. Your child will need to be wearing aged 2-3 clothes for this one, or it’ll feel a bit too big.

But, as many families will start to outgrow their baby carriers before their child is two, my next 3 recommendations are for more adjustable ‘in- between’ size carriers.

The Lenny Lamb Preschool Carrier (from £139) is an ultra-adjustable carrier from 15 months to at least 7 years – with an impressive upper weight limit of 30kg (66lbs). It’s oh-so-soft and suitable for dads and mums from a size UK 6 to 24. They also look very beautiful, which helps.

The organic cotton Manduca XT (from £149) is very similar in fit and function, and is suitable from 1 month to roughly 3 years (max weight 44lbs/20kg).

If you’ve ever found some baby carriers hard to do up by yourself, these two are good options for you as there are a number of different ways to configure the shoulder straps.

The Cococho is great from your baby’s first months to around 3 years. If you’re looking to easily back carry a big baby or toddler for long walks, this is my favourite alternative to a huge, framed back carrier.

If you want an ultra-lightweight, just-in-case carrier for quick trips, you won’t get more compact and great value than the Izmi Toddler Carrier (usually £80, currently just £60), suitable from 7-8 months to 2-3 years.

For even more information on toddler carriers, here’s my comprehensive guide to the best toddler carrier on the market.

Best Preschool Carriers

  1. Lenny Lamb Preschool Carrier from £139
  2. Tula Preschool Carrier £129
  3. Easy Feel Extend Plus £154
  4. Integra Size 3 £105

These best preschool carriers are ideal for children aged 3 years and up, and for older children with additional needs.

The Lenny Lamb Preschool Carrier (from £139) is the most adjustable and adaptable, comfy for ALL parents and from 15 months to at least 7 years – with an impressive upper weight limit of 30kg (66lbs).

The Tula Preschool Carrier (£139) has a clean and simple design and an upper limit of 32kg (70lbs). Some tall 3 year olds will be comfy in this one, but I’d really recommend this for children who are in aged 4-5 clothes.

The Easy Feel Extend Plus (£154) is a generously padded carrier, ideal from 2 years (though you can cinch it down to use from 18months) to 7 years+ with a weight limit of 29kg (54lbs).

The waistband and shoulder straps are pretty chunky, so this one’s best for average to plus size parents. If you’re a more petite mum carrying a large child, opt for a Lenny Lamb or a Tula.

The Integra Size 3 (£105) is the most compact preschool carrier on the market, with barely any padding but an ingeniously simple design that hugs your child’s weight into your body – especially if you’ll be carrying your child mostly on your front.

toddler preschool backpack carrier review uk tula
Tula Preschool Carrier, £129

Best Twin Baby Carriers

  1. Minimonkey Twin Carrier £129
  2. TwinGo Twin Baby Carrier £219.95
  3. TwinGo Air Twin Baby Carrier £205
  4. Izmi Baby Wrap £49
  5. Close Caboo + Organic £69.95

What’s the best twin baby carrier? And how do you carry two babies at once? Often twin parents are happy to carry one each most of the time, or carry one and have the other in a buggy. But many parents LOVE having the option to carry both at once – especially when they are very small.

Read our Guide to the Best Twin Baby Carriers for 2022.

Best Baby Carrier for a Bad Back

The short answer: Any and all of the above, so long as they’re fitted correctly!

The most supportive carrier – whether you’ve got a ‘bad’ back or a regular one – is one that

  1. Is suitable for your baby’s age and developmental stage
  2. Suits your body shape and – now this is the MOST important bit –
  3. Is fitted and adjusted properly around you and your baby.

Even the most ergonomic, supportive, feature-packed baby carrier will NOT be fun to use if it’s not adjusted properly for you and your baby.

Get Expert Advice

Learning how to use your baby carrier safely & comfortably is just as important as which carrier you buy. That’s why we don’t just sell slings. My team is on hand to offer expert advice before you buy – and exceptional aftercare, with a FREE 15 min video fit check with every purchase.

Not loving your existing carrier? We can help with that too, even if you didn’t purchase from us. Book a video consultation or try-before-you-buy with our sling hire service. You can also live chat with us below, call us on 0345 222 9004, or pop into our London Store.

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Ergobaby Omni baby carrier, Izmi Baby Carrier, Boba Wrap, BabyBjorn Harmony, Beco Gemini, Freerider Sling and more
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Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace

One of the UK's top babywearing consultants, Hannah founded Wear My Baby in 2014. She has worked with over 10,000 families and has trained with Slingababy, the School of Babywearing and L'ecole A Porter.

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