Rebecca Ford

Wear My Baby Beckenham

Senior Consultant

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While distancing restrictions are in place, Rebecca is currently offering online Consultations, regular online sling drop-ins and a contactless sling hire service. All the details on the Wear My Baby Beckenham Facebook page or contact

Rebecca began her career as a midwife. Through her work, she saw the positive impact babywearing had on newborns and their parents, and loved the idea of keeping babies close whilst also being hands-free.

Her love for carrying became more personal after the birth of her first son in 2012. With three young boys, she now wonders how she would manage without babywearing! Over the last five years, she has accumulated a large collection of different baby slings, including many structured baby carriers and woven wraps.

Rebecca loves to talk to others about the many benefits and joys of babywearing and has been a regular helper at the South London Sling Library since 2016. She trained as a consultant with the School of Babywearing in 2017.

Rebecca is based in Beckenham and provides expert babywearing advice across Beckenham, Bromley, Sydenham, Croydon and North Kent.

You can get babywearing advice from Rebecca at the regular Wear My Baby Beckenham Pop Up or by booking a Consultation.

Want to help friends or family to get hands free? Why not buy them a Consultation Gift voucher.

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