How to Keep Your Baby Warm and Dry in a Baby Carrier

How do you keep baby warm in the winter?

How should I dress my baby when we go out in the cold?

Do they need a snowsuit if they’re in a baby carrier?

And what do I do if starts raining while they’re in the sling?

Here are my top tips for babywearing in the cooler months.


As a rough rule of thumb when babywearing, you count as one layer of clothing for your baby, and your sling counts as at least another. If you walk into a warm shop, house or cafe, that’s like putting a third layer on them. Always bear this in mind when dressing yourself and your baby.  In our experience, parents here in the UK are often more likely to over than under-dress their babies in cold weather, whether in slings or buggies.

Unless it’s bitterly cold outside,  ideally keep newborn babies in ‘indoor’ clothing, adding a warm hat or elephant hood and booties if needed, plus a coat, cardigan or suitable hoodie over both of you to keep baby warm. This will reduce the risk of baby overheating. (Always ensure there is no fabric covering your baby’s face.)

When you head indoors you can easily undo your coat to help prevent them – and you- from overheating. Keeping baby close to your body, without bulky fabric between you, will make you more aware of how warm or cool they are.

Warm but lightweight all-in-one cotton and fleece suits come in very handy for babywearing, especially if you don’t want to wear a coat yourself.  Opt for lightweight options that provide warmth without bulk, and put them on over 1 or 2 layers of your baby’s regular cotton clothing.  If a suit covers the feet then it’s a good idea to size up, so that there’s no additional pressure on your baby’s feet when they tuck their legs up. Or go for something footless (or with optional feet) like these fantastic all-in-one suits from Loud +Proud, matched with these brilliant babywearing booties from Mamalila.



Snowsuits and thick, padded pram suits are best avoided when babywearing. The big puffy garment makes it hard to tell how warm your baby is and they’re more likely to overheat. Remember it’s harder to get your sling or carrier fitting accurately, tightly and safely around a baby who is wearing a big puffy suit.

This is especially critical with very young babies: if the sling is not snug and safe then the baby’s posture and airways may not be adequately supported and protected. As per advice relating to car seats – slings need to fit snugly around your baby’s body, not their clothing. For a comfortable fit, slings need to hug the contours of your body too – another good reason to wear young babies inside your outdoor clothing.

However, if you’re wearing a bigger baby or toddler, especially if they’re alternating between splashing in muddy puddles and being carried, wearing them over your coat might be a more sensible solution. You’ll keep each other warm so you’re unlikely to need arctic wear, but woollen jumpers and thin coats (think layers, not bulk) for you both, if you’re off to a muddy park, may be a good idea.


You can buy special babywearing coats with inserts to accommodate your baby, like our fabulous jackets and coats from Mamalila and  Wombat & Co. London. There are lightweight all-year options like the much-loved Mamalila Softshell Jacket, the teddy-fleece line Mamalila Winter Jacket, through to the snuggly, winter-weight Wallaby Babywearing Coat and many more styles in between. 

And not to leave Dad out, we also have the parka-style Bandicoot Babywearing Coat, Mamalila Softshell Jacket for men and lots more babywearing coats and jackets to keep baby warm – and Dad, too.


A pair of leg warmers, leggings or tights will stop little legs getting too chilly. Check out our favourites from Hoppediz. Remember to pop a hat, snood or hood onto your baby, as this is likely to be the most exposed part of their body. And to keep little pre-walking feet warm, we cannot rave enough about these waterproof, windproof quilted booties from Mamalila. We’ve been searching for year for sling-friendly booties that actually stay on – and these really do the job!


Choose a lightweight sling to wear under your coat. You don’t need a special warm ‘winter’ sling or carrier. In fact, if you’re going to be wearing a heavy coat and a rucksack, as well as a baby or toddler, you might want to reach for a lightweight carrier like an Izmi Baby Carrier or Integra Baby Carrier.


In wet months – that’s August to May in the UK! – carry a lightweight babywearing cover or umbrella, along with a hat for baby.

Baby carrier covers like the Mamalila All Rounder Softshell Babywearing Cover, Bundlebean Fleece-lined Cover and the super lightweight Bundlebean Babywearing Raincover are a brilliant keep-in-your-bag options. These waterproof baby carrier covers come in so handy throughout the year. The ZipUsIn universal coat extension panel is a really nifty alternative too, fitting both mens and womens coats.

A giant transparent umbrella can also be brilliant to keep you both dry AND stop you from bumping into people on the pavement!

So: stay dry, stay cool, think LAYERS. Here’s more advice on babywearing safety. 

Updated December 2021.

Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace

One of the UK's top babywearing consultants, Hannah founded Wear My Baby in 2014. She has worked with over 10,000 families and has trained with Slingababy, the School of Babywearing and L'ecole A Porter.

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17 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Baby Warm and Dry in a Baby Carrier”

  1. Hi Hannah. What would you recommend baby wears in winter if worn over the parents coat but underneath a cover, such as the Bundlebean?

  2. Hi Hannah, what would you recommend at 0-5 degree Celsius for a 3 month old in Ergo baby carrier please? At home he usually wears one layer of onesie but not sure what to put on him when we go out for a long walk in the cold

    1. I’d say ideally go for the Ergobaby All Weather cover, plus one of the all-in-one suits from Loud & Proud. The cover will stop any windchill, plus the suit will add warmth without overheating. Af course some parents/ babies are cooler/hotter than other but this is a good approximation 🙂

  3. Hi, I’m still a little unclear. What would you recommend baby wears under a fabric stretchy sling and a baby wearing coat? A vest, onesie, cardigan, booties and hat or is that too much? Xx

    1. If it’s very, very cold (mid winter) then yes, that sounds about right. It will vary from person to person, how cold/hot you tend to feel yourself, and on exactly how cold/cool/damp it is outside – so it’s impossible to give a precise formula. It also depends on the warmth/thickness of your babywearing coat.

  4. Hi I was just wondering – what would you recommend for a rainy walk if the baby is forward facing? I’ve found lots of waterproof covers with hoods but they only seem to be any good if the baby is facing inwards. Obviously wouldn’t be heading out in torrential rain but just if it’s a bit wet – I live in Scotland so this is pretty much our weather from now until about April 😂 thanks!

  5. Hi, i really struggle with what to put on feet we have some fleece lined baby wearing boots but when its windy and snowing my little one13th months still has cold feet and lower legs despite 2 pair of thin trousers … how can i keep this bit warm ?

  6. Hi I have the little frog ring sling. My baby is almost 8 months old. In this cold and recently snowy weather what do you recommend I dress her in when in the ring sling ?
    Would long sleeve vest top tights leggings and a lightweight coat be sufficient? Or should i put more layers on her ? I would be wearing a jumper and my parka unzipped. Tia x

    1. It depends very much on the weather/ wind chill and whether you’re a hot or warm person. If it’s really snowing then I’d recommend one extra layer on her legs and some booties; or a bundlebean cover x

  7. Hello, is use the ergo baby carrier – I have a 2 month old. It’s currently 1degree outside. I usually wear an ordinary winter coat, but leave it open with him on my front. I had previously been putting him in a snowsuit as I didn’t know this was too much.
    What would you recommend dressing him in?

  8. Hi what would you recommend baby wearing under a lightweight baby carrier coat in cold winter? Would a vest, sleepsuit and lightweight pram suit be too much?

  9. Lydia DC Williams

    Hello I have a 3 month old and an ergo 360 normally he has the ergo winter cover over a cardigan, long sleeved vest and leggings, gloves and the manmalia winter boots. Is this sufficient?

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